Wedding Photography Do’s And Dont’s


A wedding is one of those special life events and the couple plans for months to have the best one. As a wedding photography expert, your responsibility is to enhance that day by taking high-quality photos and giving the couple sweet lasting memories of their day.  Great wedding photos are more than a good camera. It also touches on the preparation of the photographer, his/her the conduct, style of dressing, among others. Below, we discuss a few do’s and don’ts of a wedding photographer.

Wedding Photography Don’ts

1.Do not be a distraction. Remember you are not the reason that the people are gathered there – the couple is. As such try as much as possible not to distract the friends and families or even the couple. A few tips that can help you here include the following.

2.Do not come with extremely casual or formal wear that you will stand out in the crowd. Dress in cool colors that will allow you to carry out your task professionally.

3.Do not use the flash unless it is really needful. Standing before a group of people is not usually the best experience for most couples. You do not want to add a flash to that tense atmosphere already as they will feel like it is a press conference.

Wedding Photography Do’s

1. Plan. Plan. Plan.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of planning in advance. Ensure all your equipment are in good shape. Ensure the camera is functional to avoid any inconveniences in the last minute. Remember the couple does not have another opportunity for stunning wedding photos.  

2. Always Have A Backup Plan

Wedding Photography Dos And Don'ts
Wedding Photography Dos And Don’ts

It is important to work with an assistant just in case some of those unanticipated occurrences happen. Finding a person to work with ensures that you also capture all those important moments. In the long run, you will deliver value.

3. Apply Creativity

Wedding photos evoke sweet memories. The bride and the bridegroom would love each moment captured. For instance, do not focus on the pause photos only. Take unplanned photos as well. In fact, those might bring more joy later as it was unexpected. Capture moments of the family members such as when the father in law reacts to the exchange of vows or when the bride sheds a tear.

Bottom line, add some style and creativity during the wedding photography session.

4. Pre-visit The Wedding Photography Venues

Visiting the wedding venue before the actual wedding day will allow you to get ideas of photo shoots and to know where you can take photos and where you cannot. You may also take a few pre-event photos.

Given that a wedding is that special and unique, as a professional you need to plan well in advance, visit the venues beforehand, and on the wedding day, apply creativity, style, and decency. Make the photos as good as you can by continually learning from other wedding photographers’ latest tips and tricks to a great wedding album. All in all, enjoy your career as a photographer and everything will fall in place.

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