Wedding Photography Camera- Top 5 Digital Cameras For Wedding Photography

wedding photography camera

When deciding on the wedding photography camera you want to use for your big day, there are a few things you should consider before making your final purchase. Firstly, what type of photographer do you want to be? Are you interested in a wedding or portrait photographer, wedding coordinator, or a simple party shooter? You should also consider the location of the wedding and where you will be taking the pictures. How important are color correction settings? The quality of the film is also important if you intend to make your own film afterwards.

Top 5 Wedding Photography Cameras

Nikon D850 Photography System – 

Wedding Photography

Top Overall The D850 photography system from Nikon is a top selling starter kit. Best overall at this price, this wedding photography camera has an impressive full-frame digital image sensor with 97.5-megapixel digital resolution. Talking about a high level professional camera to help with low light conditions, this is a great camera for anybody wanting to get started with professional photography. Even a beginner with digital photography can take fantastic images with the D850.

Canon Coolpix s8100 Digital Camera – 

Wedding Photography

Great Value Even though the Coolpix isn’t as expensive as some of the other cameras on the market, it does offer some nice features and benefits for the money. First and foremost, the Coolpix has an auto focus feature which allows it to be a fully manual camera. It is equipped with an intuitive interface and a large, high definition, screen. The screen can be used as a scratch proof protector, meaning that your pictures won’t be as prone to damage if dropped on the ground.

Fujifilm XSi Prime Digital Camera – 

Great Value At this price point, you aren’t getting some of the features of the more expensive models, but the Fujifilm XSi Prime is still one of the best cameras for anyone that is looking for a digital point-and-shoot. It offers many of the same functions as more expensive cameras, such as image stabilization and a zoom lens. The camera also offers advanced automatic settings, a self-timer and a manual focus. If you really want a great digital point-and-shoot, the Fujifilm XSi Prime is one of the best.

Olympus Evolt Personal Digital Camera – 

Affordable One of the best things about the Evolt Personal Digital Camera is that it is very affordable. While it is considered a compact digital camera, it doesn’t sacrifice quality in order to fit into the budget. This is because the camera offers some features that can be found on even more expensive cameras. Features like a night vision mode, multiple image storage, shutter speed priority, a noise reduction mode, and a random image capture are only a few of the features this camera has. The only feature that might be lacking a little is a manual focus option.

Pentax Coolpix XPX 200W – 

For those who want a professional looking wedding photography camera, the Pentax Coolpix XPX200W is a great choice. The camera is a two-party shooter, making it compatible with both amateur and professional photographers. It offers features such as multiple auto focusing, image stabilization, panning, and image enhancement. Of all the Pentax digital cameras reviewed, this is one of the most recommended.

Nikon D90 – 

Great for All Ages Great for those who are looking for a wedding photography camera that can handle the demands of a wedding, the Nikon D90 is a great choice. The camera is relatively inexpensive and comes with a range of professional features that will appeal to most users. There are a number of settings that can be customized, and the D90 can shoot in one of three different sizes. Additionally, there is a “people” size version of the camera which is especially useful if you are going to have guests at your wedding. With all of these features, the Nikon D90 makes a great choice for any wedding photographer.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in a compact, high resolution, and reliable wedding photography camera, the Fuji XTi may be a great option. This model is a favorite among many brides, because it has a very large and clear sensor. The images from the XTi are detailed and vibrant. Fuji has created a niche market for itself with the XTi, so if you want a compact, reliable wedding photography camera, the Fuji XTi could be an excellent choice.

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