Vintage Wedding Flowers Photography – How to Create a More Genuine Looking Wedding Photo

vintage flowers photography

If you enjoy taking pictures of flowers then maybe you could consider using vintage flowers photography to create some new photographs. Vintage flowers are so much fun to take photographs of. They can really add an extra dimension to any kind of photograph. The flowers in your photos will seem to be alive and looking at you, enjoying the light. Flowers are such a natural element in photographs that it’s hard not to include them when you’re taking vintage flowers photography.

I have a friend who is a fantastic photographer. I met him years ago through a friend of mine and we instantly hit it off. After that, he was always asking me how I was getting on with my photography, so I thought I’d let him know what I think of his abilities. I’m glad I did because he’s allowed me to use some of his vintage flowers photography techniques in this article.

The Wedding Theme

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If you’re having a winter wedding, you might want to choose timeless winter scenes like winter scenes from winter snow, stars in the night, or maybe even a few snowflakes gently falling. Or if you’re having a summer wedding try to find images of the beach, lighthouses, waterfalls or anything else with a warm texture. Your choice of flowers should reflect the time of year for your wedding. So for example, a vintage wedding taking place in the summer would of course contain flowers in a sunny environment.

In your vintage flowers photography, make sure you keep your wedding dress in the picture. Many photographs show the bride without her dress but this is definitely not the case when taking vintage style photographs. Remember that your flowers should match the mood of the photographs and the overall feel of your wedding. You want your flowers to be a part of your wedding rather than just something that’s there to add some colour or sparkle.

Traditional Wedding Photography Techniques

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Your vintage wedding will be more special if you don’t use traditional wedding photography techniques. Traditional wedding photos can be very boring, and they don’t capture the romance of a vintage wedding. Traditional style photography involves getting the guests all in the same place at the same time, which takes a lot of planning and the inevitable mistakes. When taking vintage wedding photos, you don’t have to plan where everyone is supposed to be at the same time. Since your flowers are there to enhance the whole atmosphere, you can just take them where you need them most, and that means saving you lots of time and effort in the preparations.

Also, take note that wedding photos are actually supposed to be more fun than they are. Instead of looking at them as something you have to do and that’s the only image your photographer can take of your big day, you can instead look at it as a chance to have a bit of fun while taking the photos. Vintage flowers photography allows you to experiment with all kinds of different moods and lighting effects, allowing you to capture the true essence of your wedding in photographs that will last forever.

The Lighting In Your Vintage Wedding Photos

You can try different things with the lighting in your vintage wedding photos. If you want a more naturalistic style, try using candles on the tables, and even try a silhouette effect with the lighting. Candlelight is a very romantic way to illuminate your wedding photos, and it’s something that will help make your wedding photos stand out. Another way to set the mood of your vintage wedding photos is to add music from an 80’s disc jockey on the stereo, or to use a CD burning program.

You may not think that using real flowers and a naturalistic setting is the best way to capture your wedding, but it is! In fact, it’s probably the most important part of the process. Photos without flowers are almost impossible to create, since your flowers have to be in scale to the props used to create them, which means that they must fit in with the rest of the photo, which requires planning and forethought.


By using flowers in your photos, you not only allow yourself a way to capture the atmosphere of the event, but you also allow yourself to show the true colors of love and beauty that are inherent in fresh flowers. Your wedding photos will look much more genuine and beautiful when you incorporate real live flowers into your pictures, rather than using a model created from a photo.

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