Vintage Photography Tips: Take Photos Like A Pro

Vintage Photography Tips: Take Photos Like A Pro

Vintage photography tips aren’t only for professional photographers who practice their craft for a living. If you’re a hobbyist, better yet, a passion-hobbyist, you’ll find these recommendations very easy to follow, as well. 

Read on and learn what you can do to take stunning vintage photos. 

Vintage Images Through Photography Software

For the mobile photographer, you already know that your phone camera has particular filters to choose from, for you to achieve that vintage appeal on a photo you take. However, when it comes to digital photography and their corresponding software (which is our main focus in this post), it takes a bit more hard work. 

Don’t let that scare you though. We simply mean that it will take more than a touch of a finger to immediately get a vintage filter you prefer. There is a myriad of methods you can use and practice until you perfect your ideal strategy. 

Vintage Photography Tips

1. Faded Hues And Tints 

Vintage Photography Tips: Take Photos Like A Pro

One practical way to achieve that old-timey, almost rustic appearance in a photograph is to apply faded colors on it. Some editing software have preset color palettes you can choose from. You’ll still have to do a trial-and-error until you get it right but at least this is among the simplest methods. 

If your editor doesn’t have said preset color palette sets, then experiment with single palettes. Plus, decrease the contrast and/or saturation of the image. 

By the way, if your editor has a fade-out setting, then you’re good to go. You can manipulate that, too.

2. Vintage Textures 

“Texture” might not be the world you’re expecting here. But yes, texture can play an important role in vintage-izing (coined this word on the spot. Yikes) a photo. Vintage images tend to have that beautiful imperfect, slightly damaged over time, look. 

This is why old pictures appear “vintage” Time fade their colors organically. But for a photo you took just a few minutes ago, you can accomplish this by making use of dramatic textures. If you use PhotoShop, you’ll be familiar with Vintage Texture Packs, Vintage Skies Textures, etc. 

3. Classic Black And White 

Vintage Photography Tips: Take Photos Like A Pro

This one’s more straightforward and is easier to apply. Classic black and white photos automatically have a vintage feel that you can instantly apply to photos. Black and white presets are, again, more direct once you begin to edit. 

Alternately, there are black and white presets that don’t exactly have those old-timey tones. For this, make your selection among the various black and white presets and choose the best one. 

4. Lightroom Presets 

Editing software like Adobe Photoshop has this pack and it’s very user-friendly. Such lightroom presents have tones, contrasts, and textures that are meant to provide vintage effects. Think of them as advanced filters. Because that’s what they basically are. Just like how you skim through filters in your phone camera, do the same thing with these Lightroom Presets to get the hang of them.

And the colors are always so gorgeous, you’ll want every picture you take to look vintage-chic. Then again, it’s up to you. 

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