Vintage Photography Themes

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Vintage photography themes are a great way to find that perfect topic for your next photo shoot. Sometimes, you can hit a creative wall and thing there is nothing else to take photographs of. Aside from giving you great ideas on what to shoot, photography themes also give you a way to organize your photo portfolio. Getting your creativity flowing is a major aspect of being a good photographer. Being able to take photos of anything and everything and make them look stunning and appealing is a skill. So why not start shooting these ideas and see where it takes you.

Abandoned Buildings

There is something majestic about abandoned buildings. As a photographer, it is your goal to capture the history behind every room and find ways to navigate the vibe it gives off. Every abandoned building has a different feel to it, and it can be masterful to be able to capture that “feeling” in a still frame.

Abandoned buildings are a great vintage photography theme that captures a certain vibe.
Vintage Photography Themes To Shoot


Books open up a whole new world to their readers. The diversity in books is also a plus for photographers. From old to new, books are a great thing to photograph because of their timelessness and elegance. Pair books with a stunning background that compliments the story, and you are telling a story of your interpretation.


What better way to showcase the grand architecture of man than through bridges? Spanning city skylines and representing the pride of the city, bridges offer you the chance to take perspective and angles into play. With all the possible angles in which you can photograph a bridge, its no wonder many photographers love to take photos of them.

Bridges are a timeless element for any vintage photograph.
Vintage Photography Themes To Shoot


The eyes are the window to the soul. Each person possesses a unique pair of eyes. You can start by photographing the eyes of close friends and family and see how they contrast with one another. This photography theme also allows you to practice your attention to detail and close-range shots.


Every location or city has its monuments that tell of its history and pride. Taking a photo walk and capturing these monuments can add to your collection of memories that you can look back on. Photography themes such as this also allow you to learn more about what they represent and why they are there in the first place. You get to shoot a great photo and learn one or two things!

Neon Signs

From the nightlife of cities comes neon signs. Neon signs are a great way to practice night shots and what best settings to use. Their bright and vibrant color allows your photo to stand out and pop at the viewers while also leaving it open to interpretation. Neon signs are no doubt a great direction for night owl photographers who prowl the city in the late hours.

By no means are these the only vintage photography themes that are possible. As mentioned in the beginning, you can photograph almost anything and find creative ways to make them interesting visually. The key here is versatility and a unique perspective. Thousands of photographers can take a photo a thousand times, but it’s your take on it that makes it a masterpiece.

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