Vintage Photo Shoot Ideas


Do you want to spice up your boring everyday photo shoots with something interesting? How about something exciting?  We’ve got some amazing vintage photo shoot ideas for you! From finding that perfect nostalgic location to props that can add that authentic vintage touch, we got you covered. 

Vintage Photo Shoot Ideas
Vintage Photo Shoot Ideas
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Find That Special Place

Location, Location, Location!  Sometimes the perfect spot to set up your photo shoot might be right under your nose, but sometimes it will take a little more research and effort to find a special location that will make your photo shoot standout. It might be a really interesting tree, the façade of a vintage garage, a 50’s diner in your area.

There are a number of apps that can help you locate that special location around you whatever your needs may be.  Maybe you are looking to shoot your model in a more urban setting or maybe a quiet rural spot is what you’re after.  Whatever you desire, you can sure to find it on here.

Vintage Photo Shoot Ideas
Vintage Photo Shoot Ideas

Dress up

Style and fashion is dynamic and constantly changing.  In order to achieve an authentic look in your vintage photo shoot, try to research the decade’s fashion trends online before planning your wardrobe.  Try to transport your photo shoot back in time by selecting clothes of the era you wish to reference in your photos.  This will add even more credibility to your photo shoot not to mention to your overall fun. Go to a thrift shop and load up on era-appropriate gear from clothes to accessories.

Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup will definitely add that vintage touch to your images and help transport your images back in time. What we found out is that people really enjoyed using hair products in the past.  Just check out all the grease, hairspray and mousse holding up those crazy hairdo’s of the past.

Vintage Photo Shoot Ideas
Vintage Photo Shoot Ideas

Photo Processing

There are a number of things we can do to our photos in post processing.  There are several techniques and apps that can help you take your photos to the next visual level. 
Check out our guide on vintage photo apps.
We can reference a certain color palette from the ’50s or ’70s.  It seems that each decade has its own set of visual signifiers which we can use today.
Remember have fun!

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