Vintage Figure Photography – Selecting Your Models

vintage figure photography

Vintage figure photography has been around for years. It’s a way of photographing old ladies in the late thirties and early forties. I like vintage figure photography because the subjects are usually still alive and posing. This creates a different feel to figure photography than regular photography.

Subjects To Be Used For Vintage Figure Photography

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Many different subjects can be used in vintage figure photography. Old European women, black and white photographs, European fashion models, pin-up girls from the 1950s, even famous celebrities from the time. Many people think this type of photography is sexual, but it isn’t. Many women enjoy this type of figure photography, and it is a wonderful way to relive the glamour of those ancient times.

Knowing The Right Colors

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The key to vintage figure photography is knowing the right colors. If you are trying to create a romantic environment, then go with a much softer color. This can be very romantic with the ladies from the thirties and forties. But for those looking to get more erotic, go with harder colors like blacks and whites. Ensure you know what color your clothing is beforehand, so you don’t waste money purchasing the wrong garment.

Think about what pose you want to do with the subject. Some people love to have their hair pulled back, with their legs apart, and pose them in a doggie style. Other people love to have their faces completely covered. No matter what pose you choose, keep in mind how you want to present yourself to the viewer through your vintage figure photography.

Clean Lines

One of the most important aspects of vintage figure photography is clean lines. If you aren’t feeling particularly artistic, don’t force yourself to go with a messy art style. Clean lines and simple design can be very sexy. Just make sure that whatever you do, you are shooting so that the camera will capture the essence of your personality.

Accessories To Complete The Look

When it comes to clothing, think about what you are wearing. Are there any accessories you can include to complete the look? If you have a great shirt or jacket, then you might consider taking some snaps of you wearing that. However, if it is jeans and a t-shirt, you might not want to show the entire hip and waist area. You might also think about not taking any shots of you wearing your lingerie. Some women feel that this distracts from the true beauty of their bodies.

Be very patient when selecting your vintage figure photography. Some people are very into certain trends, and they feel that these will be the best option for them. So make sure that you go with what you feel is the best and most appropriate for you. There are so many great options to choose from. It can be a little overwhelming at times, but it is worth it once you start to get those great shots you have always dreamed of.

Final Words

Make sure that you know what your goals are. Many people want to get a few vintage figure photography pictures, and then they throw them away. However, you do not want this to happen to you. So make sure that you know what you want before you begin. You might be surprised how much time it takes to go through all of the possibilities and find exactly what you are looking for. After all, this is the time you will be most satisfied with because it allows you to get exactly what you want.

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