Useful Pet Photography Tips

pet photography tips

Pets, puppies, kittens and birds are adorable. Often parents of pet animals get pet photography done to keep as golden memories forever in their lives. But for a pet photography expert, taking the perfect shot can be too time consuming and tough. You need to capture their cute actions, groomed hair and coats, cute little paws and some amusing expressions. Here are some tips for the photographer. 

It Is Impossible to Choose A Particular Timeframe

A dog sitting on top of a grass covered field

The best time to have a pet photoshoot is from the time of birth to two months. But most parents go for the ’10-day’ rule as during this phase, the animal is very manageable and sweet and it is easier to get them into a pose. But, when it comes to bigger pets, it is tough to control them. So, the 10-day rule is more for newborn human babies and not for pets. You need to be flexible with your timeframes for a pet photoshoot.

The Only Difference Is That You Are Working With Animals Instead of Human Babies

There is no major difference between photoshoots of a human baby or pet animals. Both cannot understand what you are trying to do and hence might not comprehend your commands. You can take animal pictures with the same lighting effects, warmth, little noise and safety parameters. It is just that you need patience for everything. The pets need to be made comfortable and warm. You need to be extra careful as they may get disturbed and agitated with the lights. You will be needing assistants to help you along with the parents.

Use The Magic Of Togetherness

A dog running in the grass

Animals love to bond with their owners and find comfort lying next to each other just like they were with their own parents. You can easily curl and fold them together to make them more manageable. The mother may give you hints on what agitates the pet more and with some pet treats, you can get the perfect shot.

Prop Shots Are Pretty

Photographers can easily create lovely shots using props. Props give the best poses. You can use baskets, little beds, nests, beanbags, crates, and such other items for your pets. Put the cute little puppies and kitten in props to get sweet photos. You can also use your creativity to use the props to create lovely settings and décor.

The Poses

You need to place the pets in cute and unbelievable poses to create cute images. Use your imaginations to do this. You need to try your best to keep two or more pets together and use wraps to hold them together. Twist their arms and legs to get comfortable shots. 

Be Patient

Pet photography is all about patience. Even if you have the perfect equipment, props or settings, the animals need to be comfortable enough to be manageable. They bark or meow, poop and pee when you take sudden pictures and you need to be prepared for all this. 

Keep all these factors in mind for your pet photography and have fun during your photoshoots. Your mood and mind will reflect for sure in your captured images.

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