Books On Photography For Beginners


Books on photography can be a perfect means of learning new skills and trends in the field. After all, it is actually difficult to learn everything from the Internet. Moreover, if you are a beginner, you need something concise and clear to learn the skills. There are many good books on photography which have been penned down by professionals in the field. The need is only to identify the best books as per your needs and requirements.

What Are The Best Books On Photography For Beginners?

Top Books On Photography For Beginners
Top Books On Photography For Beginners

Though there are many books on the subject, there are some which have made it to the top. These books contain elaborate information on what all you need to be a successful photographer. Moreover, the information given in these books is so diverse that the Internet can never compete with it. Let us read in detail about some of the top books on photography for beginners.

Complete Digital Photography – By Ian Farrell

The book authored by Ian Farrell gives information on almost every important aspect of digital photography. The book travels through shooting to post-production to finally printing. Moreover, the book also assists you in mastering both the theoretical as well as technical skills required by a photographer. In addition, the book’s language is easy to understand and explains everything flawlessly. This is the reason why the book is counted among the best books on photography.

LIFE Guide To Digital Photography – By Joe McNally

Top Books On Photography For Beginners
Top Books On Photography For Beginners

The book initiates the journey with the subtitle, ‘Everything You Need To Shoot Like The Pros.’ Well, the subtitle itself sums up the purpose of the book authored by Joe McNally. Moreover, Joe through the book tries to explain how you can make the most of your camera’s qualities. In addition, the best feature of the book which impresses the readers is descriptive captions under every photograph in the book.

Understanding Exposure – by Bryan Peterson

This is definitely one of the best books on photographs. One evidence of this is more than 350,000 copies of the book being sold. The best aspect of the book is that it breaks down the complex concepts of photography into something easy. Moreover, the book’s trademark is its easy-to-understand style which makes it perfect for different readers. The author explains about various imperative topics related to photography, including the relation between the aperture and shutter speed.

The Photographer’s Eye – by Michael Freeman

Michael Freeman writes brilliantly and this is what makes his book a brilliant piece to read. The book focuses on the design which is an imperative aspect of photography. Moreover, the book also explains the skills through which you can develop your potential as a photographer. As per many experts, this is a book you must have on your shelf. Moreover, the book also explains different concepts related to photography in the most effective manner.


In addition to the above-mentioned books, there are ample of other books which focus on the said subject. Many professionals have penned down their learning in these books and they are nothing short than treasure houses.

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