Top And Amazing Macro Photography Ideas Indoors

macro photography ideas indoors

You have probably heard of macro photography, but have you ever thought of macro photography ideas indoors? If not, you should. If you are a photographer, or someone who would like to be photographed this is one of the best places for you to experiment. When most people hear the term macro they usually think of a huge photograph being taken with a huge lens. This is not the case with macro photography, and in fact is one of the best ways for you to learn how to capture photos of very small subjects in a very interesting and informative way.

Macro Photography Ideas Indoors

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Focus The Lens At Close Range

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The first of the macro photography ideas indoors that we will discuss is focusing the lens at close range. You can do this with any lens, but if you are working with a long lens, you are going to want to get it as close to the subject as possible. One great example of this is that if you have a fish in your tank, instead of taking the photo at the depth of the water where you see the fish, take it at the very deepest part of the tank. This will create a deep, strange color that will really stand out.

The next macro photography idea indoors tip is actually very similar to the idea of focusing the lens at close range. It is also something that can be done with any lens. What you will want to do is focus it so that you are just above the object that you are trying to take a picture of. This is done by focusing the lens at a point that is a little higher than the object that you are trying to photograph.

You will have to practice a lot before you can do this successfully, but it is easy to do once you have mastered the technique. In order to really get some stunning macro photos you will need a telephoto lens, preferably a very fast telephoto lens. Once you have that, you will need to start focusing at various distances until you can take a photo of an object that you would like to enlarge. You can do this with your digital camera, or you can set up your camera for the task.

Using A Tripod

When you want to learn macro photography ideas indoors, one of the best ways to do that is by using a tripod. Tripods are not needed if you are taking the photos at the macro length which is around 10 inches. You can actually set up your tripod on the table and just step back to take a photo. Once that is done you can move the tripod to a point where you are working at the largest depth you can go without touching your phone. Then just press the shutter button and take a photo.

You may have heard that using a flash is a great macro photography idea indoors. While this is true, it can take a while to compose the flash correctly and you need to be right in front of the subject so that it pops out. Remember, the flash isn’t needed but it can make the photos look a little better. Don’t forget that you will need to be standing directly in front of the subject, so use your zoom lens instead.

Take The Picture In The Dark

The last macro photography ideas indoors that I am going to share with you involves taking the picture in the dark. It doesn’t really apply to the kind of macro photography that you might be doing when you are outdoors, but it is great for filling in those details that are missed if you are shooting from the air. For example, if you are taking a picture of a flower in bloom you can do this by using the camera’s internal image stabilizer. With it, you can really make out the blooming flowers and their petals. The only problem is that sometimes you can’t see the detail that you wanted and this can ruin the photo.

Final Thoughts

There are dozens more macro photography ideas indoors. The key is to have good light and a tripod that is stable. If you don’t have either of those, or if your light isn’t steady, chances are you aren’t going to get a good image anyway. You will have to experiment and play around until you find the best settings for your camera and your photography experience. That is what is fun about it!

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