Top 6 Famous Nature Photographers

Top 6 Famous Nature Photographers
Top 6 Famous Nature Photographers

There are nature photographers out there that take beautiful and stunning pictures that tell a wonderful story. Their photographs are inspiring as they are breath-taking. These are people who have mastered the art of photography and all its aspects. Their work draws you in and leaves you with a great impression of the natural wonders of the world we live in. Here are the top 6 famous nature photographers that have made a name for themselves.

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Daniel Ernst

Daniel Ernst is a 28-year-old German photographer whose photographs are the perfect essence of visual storytelling. His travels to remote areas show us the beauty of nature and all its wonders. Through capturing these images, he documents day to day travels in a stunning manner that allows viewers to appreciate the locations he has visited.

Jimmy Chin

Jimmy Chin specializes in adventure photography, which is a form of nature photography that showcases the adventures people have in the great outdoors. He captures the high risk of climbing and skiing that tell a visual story aimed at intriguing you to try outdoor adventures for yourself. He has received numerous photography awards for his work and continues to bring a unique perspective into the field of nature and adventure photography.

Simone Bramante

Simone Branate has an impressive portfolio of photographs that possess different styles. His works range from simple eye-catching landscape photography to more well-planned lifestyle photographs. Moreover, his way of visual storytelling is, by all means, unique and will encourage you to travel and capture the scenes around you.

James Justus Out

James Justus Out’s style of photography is to show just how small humans are compared to the wonders of nature. He focuses on bringing out the big and bold in natural landscapes. Similarly, he makes use of leading lines to draw your eyes to the main focal point of the photograph. His style tries to look into the scale of things, making you want to get up and see the beauty of nature.

Marina Cano

Marina Cano is a multi award-winning photographer who is based in Northern Spain. Her photography focuses on wildlife. She has become one of the biggest inspiration for nature wildlife photographers around the world. Marina has published three books on photography and continues to inspire those who want to have a name in photography to reach for their goals.

Jon Cornforth

Jon Cornforth is an award-winning and internationally recognized photographer. His photographs focus on landscapes and exotic wildlife. Through this travels he has captured the beauty of the most sought after places around the globe such as Alaska, Hawaii and the South Pacific. His photos are sold as fine prints to corporate and private collectors who see the beauty in his work. Jon Cornforth’s work is truly inspiring and has its own unique perspective that you can not find anywhere else.

What You Can Learn

Now that you know some of the modern names in nature photography, you can study their works and learn new perspectives and styles when it comes to shooting nature photography. Through observing their work, you can get ideas that will be valuable to you on your next outdoor adventure. Moreover, let their work inspire you to get out there and start shooting the wonders of nature.

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