Top 5 “Wow” Portrait Photography Ideas

A man holding a camera

Photography is something that has to be developed from within. Of course, you will be learning many processes and tricks, but when it comes to taking the photo, it is you, the camera, and the subject. And, among all forms of photography, portrait photography remains one of the trickiest, as well as most mesmerizing of all. One of the reasons might be that it is how the photographer visualizes that brings the subject to life. It can be a human portrait, or an animal or bird portrait. However, what truly makes the picture come to life is the way the photographer captures it. Hence, when people ask about portrait photography ideas, honestly speaking, there is no best answer to that question. However, we will certainly discuss a few tips that I learned through experience. 

Portrait Photography Ideas That Should Kindle Your Imagination

A man holding a camera

When you ask for “wow” ideas to capture a portrait, remember, mere directions won’t help you. You will need to try, make mistakes, try again, and keep trying till you get the hang of it. It is not something like magic that you will learn overnight. However, there are a few things that should help ease the path before you. 

Perspective Matters 

If you check any book on portrait photography, the first suggestion will be to always capture at eye level. That’s because it will give you the best result depending upon what you are seeing. My advice is that try bending the rules a bit. There is no harm in playing with perspective. Once you start trying, you will begin to understand how different perspectives can give the same picture a different feel. 

Eyes Of The Muse 

Eyes play a critical role in portrait photography. While looking towards the camera and creating eye contact can deliver some strong messages through the capture, the model looking away can also create an intriguing feeling. Start experimenting. You just cannot go wrong. 

Framing Elements

With the overuse of photo editing software, many photographers develop a practice of cropping pictures while editing to create the final composition. That’s really not a great way to go about it! Imagine the frame within your mind and see how things should be. You can even keep certain things outside the frame and leave it to the viewers’ imagination. 

Rule Of Thirds

Many might suggest you otherwise, but remember, the rule of thirds will always help you out with the composition. Play with the rule of thirds, but never ignore it completely. The placement of the most insignificant object within the frame can change the whole perspective. 

Lights And Shadows

How can we forget the importance of lights and shadows while speaking about portrait photography? If there’s one type of photography that depends heavily on lighting, its portrait photography. You will have to use your common sense and check out the various light placement angles to find the perfect one. The more you practice, the more you will be able to perfect the use of both light and shadows. 

You will find quite a few creative ideas of taking portraits in the modern world. Of course, they are someone else’s ideas, but you can certainly build upon them.

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