Top 3 Expert Tips For Starting With The Indian Vintage Photography

Indian Vintage Photography

Indian vintage photography is making a comeback, and it’s a trendy term in the photography sector. There is something eye-catching about the pictures, which are captured around 50 or 60 years back. Whether it’s fashion or photography, a vintage theme is loved by everyone. So how will you start with vintage photography?

Now, you’ll think about selecting the vintage filter and clicking the pictures. But, choosing this filter is super easy, and everyone does that, then what will be special in your photography. Today, we’ll mention the secret tips directly from the experts for starting with Indian vintage photography.

Know About The Old Cameras To Recreate The Best Vintage Style

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Now, here you’ve to learn about the history of photography and check the specs of old cameras and lenses. You then have to find ways to create the same vintage style with your equipment.

One of the important factors in vintage photography is resolution. Cameras that you are having in hand often export pictures in a rectangular shape. But, vintage photographs are square-shaped, and the aspect ratios are also different.

In vintage photography, lenses were more advanced instead of cameras. These wide-aperture lenses export images, focusing more on the contrast. You can then pick any decent camera for vintage photography, but the older and cheaper version is recommended.

Imperfections Bring Authenticity To Your Vintage Photography

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Do you know why people are fond of Indian vintage photography? Here, the photographs are not perfect; they have some flaws, which is rare in this advanced photography world. Back in the 1950s and 1960s, there were no DSLRs and Photoshop, and everything was authentic.

These imperfections added more beauty and charm to vintage photography. Even if you get a 50-year-old picture in your grandparent’s room, it will be sold for thousands of dollars. This is something scarce, and many photographers are encouraging vintage photography.

If you have a digital camera, then your pictures should consist of some flaws. Are your camera lenses unclear? It’s OK; vintage photography is easier with dirty lenses.

Soft Looks Are Important For Vintage Photography

Vintage photography is entirely based on softness and contrast. In the earlier years, cameras and lenses were not that advanced. Here, the matte finish is given more importance than vintage photography. The paper used in this photography type has very less contrast.

Here, you need to use some matte filters and lower down the contrast level, and you’ll get the best vintage photographs. Even if you are not getting the perfect focus, it’s OK; only follow the basics. Whether you are using an advanced or old-age camera, the perfect focus isn’t possible.

Final Thoughts

The best vintage photography is never possible in this advanced photography era. Here, the expert tips from your coach and advanced photography gears will never work out.

Have you ever tried Indian vintage photography? Share your answer in the below comment box.

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