Top 10 Gift Ideas For Photography Lovers


Photography lovers love their profession and anything that has a relation with it. Photography has evolved from old and obsolete reel camera to new era digital camera. The world of photography and photographers has changed upside-down. Earlier people were not so obsessed with it, and photography was never carried as a course. But recently, with its evolution, we can see more people obsessed, and many institutes are providing the courses. Moreover, not only the cameras, these photographers are obsessed with anything that has a relation with the camera. Therefore here is an exclusive list of things one can easily gift to the budding as well as professional photographers.

Top 10 Gift Ideas For Photography Lovers
Top 10 Gift Ideas For Photography Lovers

Gifting Ideas For Photography Lovers

  • Mini Nikon camera designed USB 2.0 flash memory stick pen drive- this pen drive is not an ordinary pen drive. It provides the facility to read quickly and at high speed. The pen drive does not need any drive or power supply to use. It is compact in size and fashionable. Therefore it is easy to carry. It supports Windows7/8/Vista/2004, Mac OS X, and also Linux. 
  • Lens or SD card pouch- this is a compact size pouch with essential chain design. Its triangular design is perfect for holding small lenses and cards. Therefore it is ideal for those who often lose their low photography gears. Its complete and robust closure system keeps the items intact and does not rattle in the pouch. 
  • Cell phone camera lens- this is a phone lens for almost all phones and other gadgets. Its unique features are a wide-angle picture, macro and polarizing cell, fisheye, and super fisheye setting, and also telephoto. It comprises of solid aluminum material with thick and high clarity glass. 

Some Other Gifting Ideas 

  • Polaroid ZIP mobile printer- this is a perfect gadget to take a print of clicked pictures immediately. It prints directly from the cell phone or any Tab through Bluetooth. The printer also has NFC technology to print images. It can print photos of size 2×3”. The photo comes out in full color and with no smudges. Therefore it is one of the perfect gifts.
  • Ring light- this ring light fits easily on any professional camera. It ring light gives a unique shine on the face and especially in eyes. It is, therefore, perfect for professional model shoot photographers. 
  • Limited edition artist t-shirt- this t-shirt has a beautiful print and perfect for photographers. It gives them ideal photography vibes.
  • Instant lab universal- it converts digital images into classic instant photos. The item is for iOS and Android also. It is not a printer but a camera with a printing facility.
  • Polaroid SX70- it is an instant SLR camera with a glass lens. It is perfect for all photographers who like instant pictures. It comes along with various accessories and, therefore, an ideal gift.
  • Camera flask and lens Thermo cup- a camera flask is a flask with a picture of a camera printed on it. A lens thermo cup is a cup in the shape of a camera lens. This two-item can be gifted separately or together to a photographer.
Top 10 Gift Ideas For Photography Lovers
Top 10 Gift Ideas For Photography Lovers


There is a long list to choose from as a gift for photographers. But the above items are unique and pocket-friendly. It can be the perfect gift for the gen-Y. 

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