Tips For Vintage Photography Free For Beginners

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Vintage is coming back in trend. No matter, you talk about fashion or photography; vintage is highly in demand nowadays. Photographs in the vintage theme give an appearance as if they were taken 30 or 40 years ago. The easiest way to get this look is using smartphone filters but it is not as cool as many people use the same kind of filter. If you are thinking to get vintage photos on your own, then mentioned below are some of the tips for vintage photography free for beginners:

Black And White Color 

One of the easiest ways to give the photographs a vintage look is to click them in black and white. Though this is the most commonly used way yet it gives expected results. You could also be able to do vintage photography free without any color issues. As you are a beginner, you need to be very attentive in the beginning to give your career a perfect start.

Vintage Photography Free Online Classes 

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You may also go for vintage photography free online classes. There you would get perfect training about the vintage photography style or you may also join the photography tutorials. If you are opting for photography as your career then you would need proper knowledge of photography. For this, you will have to get professional training under a professional photographer. You can get this facility online also.

Selection Of The Objects 

Even if you are a beginner, you can get awesome vintage pictures clicked. All you will need to do is select some objects that would give a classy vintage look. You can opt for historical monuments or you can also select props that would give a perfect vintage photograph. You may consider models in vintage clothes, etc. Using filters would never give the perfect vintage look but selections of things will do.

Vintage Photography Free Lightroom Presets 

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To get an advanced option of the filters, you may also use the adobe lightroom applications. These are also editing filters but they are much more advanced. In these light rooms, the best thing is that you may adjust the settings after you apply to get the best pictures clicked. Such kinds of applications are very much suitable for beginners to work with.

Faded Colors 

Being a beginner, you must know the basic strategy of vintage photography. You may use the faded colors to get the age-old look in the photographs. Also, you can apply sepia to give the pictures a vintage look. You can give that look by adding contrast and reducing the saturation. Imperfections will give your photographs a perfect and professional look too.


Vintage photography is just like a jump into the past. In the present scenario of modern filters, the vintage is again making its root deeper and it is an ever-lasting photography style. But as time is evolving the definition of vintage is also evolving. So, as a beginner in photography, you must keep yourself updated with all the latest trends and demands in photography.

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