Tips for Stunning Vintage Cars Photography

vintage cars photography

Taking pictures of cars is an amazing activity and is loved by many people. It is just like doing science, each and every pic brings you joy and satisfaction. Here are some basic guidelines that one must follow to get amazing and gorgeous photos of cars. If you will follow all the given ideas and tips then you are going to love your upcoming images.


Cars Photography

Shooting vintage cars at the right time of the day is very vital. The light and the contrast should be perfect. This is a very common mistake done by most photographers. The best time of the day is usually some time before sunset, but you can also look at the color of the car and decide the time accordingly.


Cars Photography

You must look carefully at what is reflected by the car’s surface and look around to keep that thing out of the view. If the car is shiny and reflects like a mirror, then avoid shooting in front of buildings and trees. Reflection will spoil the vintage look and material of the car in the photo. An important thing to note is to keep your reflection out of the pic too. This is very common and inevitable and should be carefully avoided.

Driving Shots

To shoot cool images of a car, it is advised to take a photo of the moving car by sitting on some other car. This will give an amazing look at the road and moving wheels. This will also increase the chance of shooting blurry images, thus it has to be done carefully.

Background selection

Choosing a background is a very essential step. You should avoid backgrounds that have many objects to distract the viewers. The car should be the star of the show. 

Pan for Motion Blur

One of the coolest ways to click vintage car pics is by standing on the road and letting the car drive past you. This is done by following the car with your lens and setting an accurate shutter speed. This will give amazing results.

Night shots

Shooting car pics at night is a daunting but amazing idea. It is very easy and the results are mind-blowing. The biggest trick is to find a spot where it is completely dark. There should be no streetlight or even moonlight. After finding the perfect spot, set up the tripod and set the camera to appropriate settings. After that, take a constant source of light and move around the car. This will result in some outstanding pictures with a vintage look.


Vintage car photography is awesome and interesting work. It may seem difficult in the beginning but with time you will learn some tricks that will come in handy. Practice will make you perfect to click mind-blowing vintage cars.

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