The Versatile Inflatable Foot Rest Pillow That Elevates the Legs for Greater Comfort! Perfectly Size

After a tough day working in the office, what do you generally do once you’re home? Typically, we would want to get some rest and relax for a time. And the most common thing individuals prefer to do is lie down when their legs are slightly lifted. In this brief article, you will learn how to profit from elevating the legs when lying down in bed and the potential risks of doing this, especially if you have specific health conditions. Certain types of relaxation can make you feel good while easing your tired muscles, particularly in the foot. However, is it safe to elevate your legs while sleeping?

Well, there are possible drawbacks when you sleep with your feet in the wrong position. Poor blood circulation and swollen feet are merely the most prevalent ailments that many adults suffer daily. Buy a footrest pillow to get relief now. They relieve these health concerns by sleeping with their legs raised to assist the body heal from leg swelling, cerebral pressure, and edemas. It’s effortless and soothing to do, so elevated legs indeed make you feel fantastic.


·         Thread Count – Other

·         Shape – Wedge

·         Feature – THERAPY

·         Part – Other

·         Weight – 0.5-1 kg

·         Pattern Type – Solid

·         Model Number – Inflatable Leg Pillow

·         Filling – Other

·         Fabric Count – Other

·         Grade – Qualified

·         Material – Polyester / Cotton

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• Prevent Deep-vein Or Dvt Thrombosis

A blood clot may be present in the lower limbs, which can cause DVT. It can become life-threatening when the blood clot affects the vessels in the heart and lungs. Sleeping up your legs helps prevent DVT.

• Reduce Leg And Foot Swelling

 Lifting your legs helps ease muscle tensions in your feet and legs by relieving your veins’ pressure and enhancing your body’s blood circulation. It minimizes the danger of swelling legs and feet, usually due to severe body pressure.

• Edema Relief

Edema is common because of excess fluids in the legs and feet of the body. You will also suffer shiny skin if you experience congestive heart failure or stand at work all day. It’s best to lift your legs so you can get immediate relief during sleep.

• Backache Remedy

Putting pillows behind the back of your knees and legs may decrease chronic pain and sciatica symptoms. This natural medication is suitable for irritated sciatic nerves, which can contribute to specific health disorders, including persistent pain. Pain can be alleviated by just laying on the back with slightly lifted knees.

·Better Blood Flow

 Being raised can boost blood flow effectively; this is a known fact. In yoga, this pose is one of the most prevalent because it helps to replenish the blood from the feet to the legs.

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• If you’re not used to sleeping on high legs, you may feel uneasy.

• You may not move around your fixed position.

• Contact locations or points of pressure may be irritating


Sleeping with high legs is not only soothing but enhances your general health. With regular sleep, chronic pain, inflammation, and other health problems can be treated. You can use specific cushions to support your legs and feet while you need to rest.

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