DSLR Camera And Its Features

The DSLR Camera And Its Working Features

The art of photography has been inspiring and amazing since it’s very creation. It is essentially a visual art form. Photography is the practice of creating photographs. Nowadays, people use digital platforms. The electronic photodetectors placed inside the camera help capture the image. It is not the earlier method of light exposure in a photographic film. Digital photography and a DSLR camera are the need of the hour. DSLR is the abbreviation of “Digital Single Lens Reflex” cameras. After processing through digital systems. Digital platforms are used for their presentation.

There is a camera for every purpose. There are specific cameras for videography as well as cinematography. All the different genres of photography require different sets of tools. The equipment is very essential in photography. Consequently, they have increased the quality of the photographs.

These DSLR cameras use a simple mechanism. The light reflects off of the camera lens and is presented on the optical viewfinder. Thereafter, the person using the camera can view it on the viewfinder. Hence, depending on one’s desire capture the right image. Japan’s Pentax is one of the first creators of the digital single lens reflex cameras.

The DSLR Camera And Its Working Features
The DSLR Camera And Its Working Features

Features And Parts Of A DSLR Camera

The DSLRs best feature is the interchangeability of lens. Lens help you capture innumerable types of photographs. There are 3 categories of the lens; The “close-up” or macro lens. The Zoom lens. There are many special purpose lens as well.

The most important part of the DSLR is the Reflex Mirror. It is used for capturing the exposed reflective light. The Shutter is the next important part, as it captures the image. Consequently, the Shutter Speed is what defines the final image. The shutter manages the amount of light exposure as well as the exposure time. The image sensor helps in the processing of the image. A computerized “focusing screen” is also used. Condenser Lens actually does condense the image light entering the lens. A Pentaprism is used for the color combinations and also for corrections. And, making sure that the light enters at a favorable angle. Finally, the Object or the Subject viewed from the Viewfinder.

Hence, the image to be captured is shown through the eye piece.

The light passes through the lens. After that, it goes into the reflex mirror which is kept at an angle of 45 degrees.

The DSLR Camera And Its Working Features
The DSLR Camera And Its Working Features

The reflex mirror is movable. (It changes its general position temporarily to allow the light to reach the Image Sensor. Therefore, the processing happens. Also, the shutter stays open for as long as the user desires.)

The light then travels vertically to Pentaprism. The Pentaprism redirects the Light’s path horizontally.  This then passes through two mirrors. Finally, the viewfinder shows the image to the human eye.

Although, there are plenty more technical details this much is enough for general knowledge. In Conclusion, the Camera revolutionized modern day photography. Many professionals use these single lens reflex digital cameras.

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