The Best Photography Camera Of 2020

The Best Photography Camera Of 2020

A good camera is not only about the image quality speed or resolution but to ensure that the functionality and usability of the camera are enjoyable. For identifying the best photography camera, examine the top brand cameras based on their demand and performance. In that case, Canon, Nikon, and Sony can be taken into consideration.

Canon – Best Photography Camera

Canon offers a variety of range with the professional lenses, and it produces highly pro cameras. Below are some of the best creations of Canon in best photography camera.

The Best Photography Camera Of 2020
The Best Photography Camera Of 2020

Canon EOS-1D X Mark III

With this model, Canon has released their camera with leading-edge tech with the inclusion of smart optical controller, HDF PQ and HEIF support, head tracking, and other eye-catching features. This model is a hybrid body, including the combination of DSLR advantages that can shoot according to the demand of the situations.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Based on its features, it is the second-best in the position of its rivals. It offers a higher resolution, a faster rate of frames, and 4k video features. This camera was initially launched in 2016. It did not have any replacement or rumors in the market. Therefore, it can be said that the camera is having a decent reputation in the market.

Canon EOS R

The Canon EOS R is the first mirrorless camera of Canon. It has been recognized to be powerful, as well as an effective professional tool. It has a similar resolution as well as the 4K crop factor as the EOS 5D Mark IV having only one slot for the memory card. On the positive side, the price of this model is slightly eroding, and it is becoming more budget-friendly to buy.

Nikon – Best Photography Camera

Below are some of the best performing Nikon Cameras available in 2020 market:

Nikon D6

Nikon D6 is more conventional to the big technological leaps made by Canon EOS-1D X Mark III. D6 has a brand new 105-point AF System, 10.5fps, and 14fps shooting. Therefore, this model of Nikon is in the shortlist as one of the best cameras of 2020.

The Best Photography Camera Of 2020
The Best Photography Camera Of 2020

Nikon D850

On the one hand, Nikon D6 is built focusing on the sheer speed, responsiveness, and durability. On the other hand, D850 focuses on the resolution. However, it still has the capability of capturing images at 7fps as well as 9fps with the involvement of the optional grip of the battery.


The models below are the best offerings of Sony in 2020:

Sony A9 Mark II

Sony A9 II is the fastest sports camera available in the market. It is the recent best camera by Sony. However, the determination was made before testing the EOS-1D X Mark III. Nonetheless, this particular model of the Sony camera with its blistering speed. It also has impressive autofocus performance.

Sony A7R IV As The Best Photography Camera

Sony A7R IV is in the shortlist as the new highest-resolution mirrorless camera introduced by Sony. It also comes with 61 million pixels, and it is capable of shooting at 10fps continuously. In fact, it is the second-best selection of 2020 best cameras based on its performance and usability along. An affordable market price is another attraction to it.

Therefore, following the detailed evaluation of different camera brands and identification of certain selected models would help you select the best camera for photography of the 2020 market, and Canon, Nikon, and Sony can be considered within the list.

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