The Benefits of Using Batteries Plus Bulbs

batteries plus bulbs

Batteries Plus bulbs are an American specialty electrical retailer chain of some 300 franchise outlets located in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and New Jersey. It is known for its commitment to the environment and recycling. The company was started by two young men who were looking for a way to make a living. They decided to start a business based on what they knew – improving the world one bulb at a time.

About the Company

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Today Batteries Plus stores are a place where people turn to when they need to purchase new replacement battery bulbs. At most stores, some salespeople will help guide the shopper to the appropriate location where they can purchase the right size battery for their needs. They are also knowledgeable about which brand of batteries plus bulbs are compatible with their store’s products. If a customer isn’t sure, they are usually happy to explain the different types of batteries and their uses.

Services Offered

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Most customers call in a specific model of a battery plus bulb that they are having trouble with. Store managers then help them locate that model at the store. They then bring it to the device repair service center. Devices such as laptops, handphones, and computers are often difficult to troubleshoot and need special attention. The store manager takes the time to let the customer know all of the steps they should take to get their devices back in working shape.

At first glance, it may not seem that Batteries Plus Bulbs are environmentally friendly. However, the company is committed to using recycled batteries plus bulbs in their electrical devices. There are also green bay outlets that offer an environmentally friendly product line. At those locations, they have recycling bins that you can put your batteries in and use throughout the year. In addition, they offer compostable batteries plus bulbs.

Batteries Plus Bulbs are sold in box sets and include instructions for changing the batteries in your light fixtures. You simply plug them in and replace the light bulb. There are also blue adapter clips that you can use to connect the product to your existing outlet. Many products have a safety pin included so that you can safely reconnect the unit. These adapters have female pins that match the wires on your lights so that they will not short out.

If you have a dead battery, or your key fob does not work when you need it to, Batteries Plus Bulbs can provide you with a solution. Many stores sell these batteries along with key fobs. These items plug into a small rechargeable battery, which you can then use to power your key fob or other devices. This can solve your problem in an instant.

When you use Batteries Plus Bulbs, you may find that they will last longer. Some manufacturers do not indicate the number of hours of life that their products offer. This is why you have to be careful about purchasing them. It would be far better to buy a battery that has a lifetime of two hundred hours or more. This way, you can get more out of your purchase.

If you run into a problem with your batteries, you may not be able to fix it yourself. It is a good idea to keep them in a box in case you have a flat tire or other emergencies. In addition, consider calling some of the companies that sell batteries, as well as your local phone repair services, to see if they carry these types of products. This way, you can easily purchase new batteries for any situation.

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