Sunrise Photography Tips – Take Great Photos Every Time

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Before we go into details about these photography tips let us define what sunrise photography is. It is the art of taking pictures of sun rise and sun set. It is one of the most interesting, beautiful and enjoyable subjects one could capture in his or her camera. It is also one of the most demanding, since it demands time, exposure, and composition skills. Of course these can be learned through training but anyone who wants to become a professional photographer should take note that photography is not just a skill it is an art form. Here are some interesting sunrise photography tips you may find useful.

An Overview

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This is one of the most common photography tips people have. However, some people still don’t know how to take advantage of the sun rise and sun set. This can easily be achieved by pointing your camera at the sun as you walk, drive or do anything in your environment. Make sure you focus on the sun rise and sun set. After getting a good shot, you can then move on to other areas or objects.

Most landscape photographers don’t know the value of timing. They think that they can take photos any time but they forget that photography is not a chance taking game. If you want to make sure that you will be able to catch those perfect sunset photography tips, here’s what you need to do: set your camera’s timers or alarms, set a fixed time limit on each exposure (don’t think about the length of exposure since that will spoil the whole mood and drama) and try as much as possible to frame your subject so that your subject appears as a focal point in your photo.

Sunrise Photography Tips

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Here are some more sunrise photography tips. When taking photos of sunrise, always use wide angle lenses. For instance, a 20 mm lens will give you a wider field of view. Keep in mind also to keep your shutter speed as low as possible. The less noise that comes from your camera, the better photos you will get.

Now that we have the sun out of the way, it’s time to address the lighting aspect. It’s been said that the best lighting setup is having no lighting at all. On the contrary, if there is even a little bit of sunlight in your photos, the images will look way too bright. You need light, so learn to capture light. Bring along extra batteries so you don’t end up in a situation where you run out of batteries during a crucial moment.

Another tip for your photography is to remember that the sun rises and sets every day. Get used to it. It may sound stupid, but there are actually photographic moments when you have totally prepared yourself for a certain event only to realize that the sun had already set. That said, don’t worry too much.

One of the most important things when taking photos of sunrise is knowing your subject’s mood. Different people have different reactions to sunlight. Some would smile more, while others would frown more. Try to understand your subject before taking the shot. If you can, try to see the expressions on their faces as well.

In The End

One last important tip for your photography is also related to timing. This is related to the previous tips. The best time to take photos of the sunrise and sunset is just after the sun has risen and just before it sets. This is because these are the times when the subjects are in their most active state.

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