Clean Your DSLR Camera

Steps To Clean Your DSLR Camera And Lens

Cameras are fickle beings that need to be pampered and taken care of, just like a pet. If you use your camera often, then the chances are that it is dirty right now. Dust particles and moisture have a way of getting into things. Cameras are no exception to the rule, and keeping them clean is essential.

They are especially sensitive because they have moving parts. Any appliance with moving parts needs to be specially cleaned so that they last for as long as they are supposed to. Every moving component is an invitation for the dust to settle in and destroy your camera. Some of the moving parts of a camera you need to watch out for are the rotating lenses, the buttons, and the dials.

We will talk about DSLR cameras and the steps you need to take to keep them clean. A camera that is regularly cleaned lasts for much longer than an unclean one, so it is worth the extra effort.

How To Clean Your Camera?

It will make your life easier if you purchase a camera cleaning kit that is ready to go. However, since that can be more expensive, it is also possible for you to build your camera cleaning kit. Regardless, you need the hardware and tools for camera cleaning.

If you haven’t purchased your camera yet, then it is a good idea to search for a deal that has a free camera cleaning kit included. If not, then it doesn’t hurt to ask your retailer to include it.

You will need a camera cleaning cloth with you. Clean the lens and the external body of your camera first. Further, use a q-tip to clean your camera mount to ensure that no dust particles get into your camera when you dismount it. Finally, use a small air blower to clear dust away from the crevices of your camera body.

Use This Camera Cleaning Kit To Clean Your Camera

Steps To Clean Your DSLR Camera And Lens
Steps To Clean Your DSLR Camera And Lens

If you are not looking to build a camera cleaning kit yourself, then your next best bet is to purchase one. This camera cleaning kit has everything you will need to make sure your camera stays clean and ready for use.

The kit has been designed to specifically cater to those who take great care of their camera. It includes a camera cleaning cloth, an air blower, wet wipes, cotton swabs, a brush, lens cleaning tissue, etc.  

It is available for purchase at an affordable rate, so get one soon.

Add A Cardboard Accessory To Your Camera Kit

If you’re obsessed about making your photographs look great, then you know about the importance of light. This cardboard accessory has a reflector as well as light-absorbing paper that will make the subject of your photographs stand out.

Steps To Clean Your DSLR Camera And Lens
Steps To Clean Your DSLR Camera And Lens

This comes in different sizes, and each size is suitable for different purposes. Rather than spending long hours getting the light just right, use these accessories to make your work easier.


Keeping your camera clean can be fun for some and a chore for others, but it needs to be done either way. If you are a professional or an amateur, use these tips to get the most out of your photography.

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