Some Tricks About Vintage Wedding Photography

vintage wedding photography

Vintage wedding photography style demands preparation and organization very meticulously. They don’t say anything that everything new is well forgotten, and retro weddings become more and more popular. This year’s exciting and trendy wedding vintage! But it’s not surprising: many have had enough at the traditional festival, seek romance, a unique atmosphere. And the families were waiting for the luxury to enjoy (and how to feel like a fairy princess?) and the comfort to emphasize.


Wedding Photography

Pastel colors should prevail in the vintage wedding photoshoot. They provide mystery, compassion, and refinement to the environment. The background you want to build will be as follows: peach; beige; soft pink; green; light blue; lilac; mint: silver; gold; brown; burgundy.

Vintage-type photography of the wedding style should not exceed vintage style; it should be used with:

  • Genuine leather, linen, wood and metal, gold, pottery, porcelain, cotton, corduroy.
  • Velvet.
  • Thick lace.
  • Old photos, old yellowed paper, if the material is dipped in tea and dried, achieve the desired effect.

Dresses Of The Guests

Wedding Photography

You should tell the guests before their marriage about the dress code. Not to disrupt the notion, the bride and her friends can hunt for 50s clothing. The skirt has highly rubbished blouses with “three quarters” sleeves, velvet dresses with a full skirt and belt. Shoes can be a pointed kitten heel: current gloves, caps, and a little bag. It would help if you chose beads and clips of jewelry.


Air tissues can be embellished with a wedding procession. For decoration, convenient lace, ribbon, Angels’ figurines, and flower baskets are acceptable. You should give up modern cars when choosing a car. Replace any rare automobile. Replace any rare. The criteria are mainly the elegance and presence of the antique plaque.

Design The Welcome Room In “Vintage” Design

The harmonious design of the reception space is one of the main challenges for a “vintage” wedding. In the fresh air, the ceremony appears attractive. Here are more design alternatives for the designer, ranging from the arch to guest furniture. The classical angle is not the only possibility, twined with bright ribbons. Alternatively, it might serve as a somewhat cracked wooden door paint. Antique brass knobs complement it perfectly. The stage is similarly decked with the arch, flowers, ribbons, and breezy textiles. 


The decoration’s vintage style might be completely different: light, luxurious, and exquisite, or light, subtle and touching. The other aspects that maintain the ambiance and the essence of a bygone age are hallmarks of this style.

You can utilize the essential elements of the vintage style to create the required atmosphere:

  • Ancient bags and record players.
  • Writing machines that can be used as a great space to wish.
  • Mirrors in shabby frames.
  • Antique clocks and figurines.


We all know that it is not that easy to observe the style to the last detail. Food made according to clothes and accessories recipes of the middle of the twentieth century, suitable music, banquet venues, invites, and more. The planning of vintage wedding photography should therefore be handled exceptionally seriously. Another option that is less complicated and expensive is a modest, intimate wedding photo shooting with your beloved ones. So you can enjoy not only the climate and the spirit of antiquity but also the proud owner of lovely images that help preserve precious memories.

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