Some Of The Practical Ideas And Tips To Be Used For Vintage Style Photography

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Are you getting tired of using new colorful and high contrast filters? Do you want to get some old-school vintage photos? Today you can find various software and advanced cameras that you can use to make your pictures look amazing. You can use multiple filters as well, which will give your image a different look. There are so many different ways and ideas through which you can perform vintage style photography. If you have a professional camera with a DSLR with some lenses, you can surely try doing different experiments to get a vintage photograph.

This article will get to know some valuable and exciting ideas that will help you in vintage style photography.

Clicking Pictures In Black And White Mode

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While using different cameras, you can find this option of clicking pictures in black and white mode. Through this, your photo will get a vintage monochrome look. You can either convert your colorful images to a Black and White image using different filters and editing options from various software.

Using A Larger Aperture Camera

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In the olden days, you won’t find very advanced cameras. The photographers were having minimal options for colors, apertures, and formats. Also, a camera was used to focus on the nearest object, and the background was a blur. So, you can create these pictures now by using large aperture cameras and making the background blur.

Using Antique Objects In Your Vintage Style Photography

You can make your picture look more vintage by adding some antique objects in your photographs. It can be old furniture, chess, clocks, and any other entity which can remind you of the olden days. These things will enhance your vintage style photography.

Faking Dust And Scratches On The Picture

Usually, the older picture used to have those dust on it or get some scratches, giving them a perfect vintage look. Although now you are clicking the image right away and getting these dust and scratches are not possible. So you can create them by using some software or while printing them. You can get this done in the lightroom as well.

Adding Borders To The Picture

In the olden time pictures, you can find the border in pictures. These borders are kept in the photos to keep it safe from getting cuts. But now, you can make these borders by using different software and even getting these at the time of printing.


There are various ways to make your pictures look older and give them a vintage look. You have to practice various vintage style photography, which can give your image a different look. While shooting any profile or any wedding album, you can add some of the vintage photographs to it. For all these, you would not need a very highly advanced camera, but a standard DSLR or even your mobile phone cameras will work. After knowing all these tips and tricks, this is sure that you can get some cool pictures and put an excellent impression.

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