SEO Tips: Optimize Photos In Search Engines

SEO Tips: Optimize Photos In Search Engines

The photos are very important also from the SEO point of view. That’s why we want to tell you how to optimize your photos for search engines. Let’s know more about SEO Tips for Images.

However, to start content accompany by good photos is always much more attractive, more appealing to read. An image provides a lot of information that we can “read” immediately. 

If you do not have appropriate photos for the photo website, you can always use photos of others; there are several options.

SEO Tips: Optimize Photos In Search Engines
SEO Tips: Optimize Photos In Search Engines

The Name of The Photo

You have to choose a name that is link to the topic you are talking about. If the photo is showing your presence at the last trade show, name the photo accordingly. So you are already telling the seeker what the thing is about. We already have a point in favour to position ourselves with this photo.

SEO Tips: The Photo Format

It doesn’t matter what format the photo has; we usually prefer WordPress because it weighs less than .png. However, in general, we always follow the recommendations of my gurus for this of SEO. 

  • We recommend in general that the extension of the photos be .jpg
  • If the background of the photo is transparent then .png
  • For logos and icons, SVG

The Size Of The Photos In The SEO For Images

SEO Tips: Optimize Photos In Search Engines
SEO Tips: Optimize Photos In Search Engines

This subject is super important if we upload very large photos, they take a long time to load. The later in loading our website, the more difficulties we have to position it. Google and our users like speed. Moreover, nobody wants to spend several seconds waiting for a page to load. The usual reaction when something takes a long time to load is to close that website and keep looking for another. Our users do it, and somehow so does Google that will not give us positive points. (Let’s say our website will be rank worse the slower the load of it).

SEO Tips: Scale The Photos

Think first of what size you want your photos to show on your page. For example, I want my photos to be beautiful and look good, and I have chosen a width of 700 pixels and a maximum of 1200 pixels high. Then prepare your photos to upload to that size. Do not upload those 3000 pixels x 5000 pixels. Crop the photos or change their size beforehand so that they are already scale as you want. The same if you are going to upload a logo that display at 200 pixels x 200 pixels, upload it to that measure now.

WordPress is indeed capable of displaying images to different measures automatically, but it is not ideal. We recommend that you use tools that allow you to reduce the weight of your photos before uploading them. It is one of the essential seo tips for photo website.

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