Ring Lights And Portrait Vintage Photos

Taking vintage portraits requires you to take into account a few things.

Portrait vintage photos are perhaps the best way to showcase a certain era of style and vibe. When you capture a portrait of a subject that is dressed for the particular era you are going for, you can fool your viewers into thinking that it was taken years ago. The best portrait vintage photos incorporate many aspects such as fashion, items, and proper lighting. You will also have to take into consideration the manner in which you edit your photo. This means the amount of grain, the colors, and the type of filters you decide to use. All In all, these aspects are what make a vintage photo believable and stunning.

Fashion and Items

Making use of fashion and vintage items in your photo will help in creating a vintage photo from the era you want. Prior to your shoot, make sure you research the different styles and aspects that make that era special and unique. Each era has its own style and image that you as a photographer should be able to capture in your shoot. To add feel and vibe to your photos, you will also want to use items and backgrounds that are similar to that of the era you are going for. These items can be cars, walls with graffiti, travel items, books, and more. You really have to get creative and see how these things blend with the era and photograph to make a great composition that really strikes your viewers.

Having the proper props really enhances your vintage photo technique.
Ring Lights And Portrait Vintage Photos

Proper Lighting

Just like with fashion items, having the proper sort of lighting also speaks a lot about what era your photo will portray. Different eras have different lighting styles. During the early times of photography, natural light was most prominent. Then they start to move towards direct lighting from indoor settings. As we move along the timeline, these two blends depending on the type of photo the photographer are going for. If you look at the 70s, 80s, and 90s we can see that most photos were taken in outdoor settings with very striking backgrounds and subjects. When it comes to portraits, photographers of these eras used warm light with subduing colors.

Finding the best lighting for your concept is key.
Ring Lights And Portrait Vintage Photos

LED Ring Light 6” Dimmable Light

If you want to get the perfect lighting for your vintage photos, then you should try this LED Ring Light 6” Dimmable Light. This product is lightweight and easy to bring along wherever you may be having your photoshoot. Additionally, it comes with a tripod to make your photography more convenient. It provides you with the perfect extra light for your photos and lights up dark sceneries. It is safe to use with no ultraviolet and infrared light radiation.

Ring Lights And Portrait Vintage Photos

Editing Your Vintage Photo

When you edit your vintage photo, you will also have to keep in mind the era. Before the 60s, the most common photos are in black and white or sepia. For the 60s onwards, the use of faded colors, grain, and soft edges are most seen.

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