Pros And Cons Of Digital Photography

With the increased technological advancements in the world today, things have changed for the better. Some people have discarded those old film cameras and adopted the digital ones that seem classic, convenient and portable. This current turn of events leads to the question as to whether Digital Photography has actually done away with film photography. This article gives an insight of the pros and cons of digital photography.

Pros Of Digital Photography


Digital cameras allow you various options after taking the photo, which are absent in film photography. For example, you may print the photos, send them as an email attachment, upload them on a website, or just view them on your PC. However, this provision is unavailable in the film photos that have to be printed first before they are viewed.

2.Access To Metadata

Another incredible thing about digital photos is the fact that you will get more information than just the image. For example, when you use your smartphone to take photos, you get to know the date and timing of the shooting, the location, and the settings used. Better still, that information comes at no extra cost.

3.Editing At Your Disposal

Pros And Cons Of Digital Photography
Pros And Cons Of Digital Photography

With Digital Photography, your PC becomes an important tool. Once you have done your shots, you can use your PC to make the necessary changes. In fact, since you will have taken several shots of the same image, you will be able to determine which image has few edits and make the changes. A mediocre photo can turn into a piece of art just by editing.

4.The Time Factor

Digital Photography allows you to access your image instantly. You do not have to wait until the film has enough photos for printing to view the photos. This means that, if you had gone for hiking and you have captured a landscape image that did not please you, you make take other shots until you get what you want. How incredible!

Cons of Digital Photography

While digital photos are incredibly stunning, they also come with some demerits worth noting.

1.Digital Cameras Are Expensive

When you compare a digital cameras of high resolution that produce quality photos, the cost is quite high. Sometimes a film camera with the same specifications can go for half the price.

Even the smartphone cameras of high resolution are quite expensive.

2.User Challenge

Digital cameras are found in every photography shop. Within a short span, a company produces a better camera with better features than the previous ones. This continues to increase the complexity in terms of the menu and settings. Sometimes, keeping up with those changes as a user can be challenging.

While digital cameras come with various merits and limitations, the pros supersede the cons and thus it is a good idea to focus on digital photos to match up with the fast-paced business environment. Users can easily rise above the few limitations associated with digital cameras to continue enjoying the advantages.

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