Promote Your Tumblr Vintage Nature Photography With Commenting

tumblr vintage nature photography

Tumblr is currently one of the most popular sites on which people showcase their latest works of vintage nature photography. If you are a photographer, it is important that you familiarize yourself with this social networking site and how you can benefit from it as a photographer. The first advantage of using Tumblr for your business purposes is that it has built-in SEO. All you need to do is optimize your website and your profile. Upload several images that clearly illustrate your personality and what type of imagery you specialize in, and add a couple links back to your main website (you could also put a link to your Facebook page here). When potential clients search for your work via a search engine, Tumblr might automatically place your images in the top 10 resulting from a keyword search.

An Overview

A close up of a green plant

It is a good idea to use this platform for marketing purposes, too, so you can build up a loyal clientele who enjoy browsing through your images and engaging with your business. In fact, many photographers use Twitter and Facebook to promote their websites and social media accounts. You can also use these platforms to find inspiration for new images, or share your own images with other Instagram users. Remember that both Twitter and Facebook have millions of users worldwide, so if your image gets shared on Instagram, it will be viewed by a lot of people.

If you have a blog or website where you regularly publish articles, and other snippets of information, you can easily integrate Tumblr into your promotion efforts. Include an avatar that represents who you are as a photographer and describe your specialty in your bio. You can mention places where you have featured in previous pieces in your Tumblr portfolio. For example, you can share an article about photographing Northern California landscapes.

Excellent Plugins

A coral in the sand

Tumblr also has excellent plugins that allow you to create a visualizer to show different types of images. You can include an image background or overlay, and make the images appear larger or smaller as a result. You can also put filters on your visualizer to focus on certain areas of your image. You can use this plugin to align your pictures in your gallery, highlight your best images, or make your photos look like a collage. You can even use the same visualizer to create a dropdown list of different types of images. You can then switch between them with one click of the mouse.

If you have a blog that features vintage nature photography, it’s even easier to advertise your Tumblr account. First, register a username for your Tumblr account. Next, add content to your Tumblr account that showcases your photographs or pieces. You can use tags to organize your posts; use the: tag element to label a post as a preferred tag. You can even make your posts easy to search using the keywords that you want to appear in search results.

Important Tips

You can even put images that you’ve found on the Internet and share them with others. There are Tumblr directories that allow users to search for images depending on tags and themes. For instance, if you’re interested in vintage nature photography, you can put keywords such as “vintage nature” in the url field of the directory. The directory will then pull up a number of images that match what you searched for.

Finally, you’ll need to upload any images that you find on your own computer and into your Tumblr account. Once you get an image uploaded, you can either copy the URL for it or bookmark the image to save it to your Tumblr account. Alternately, you can simply Pin a thumbnail of the image on your page. That way, you can ensure that a user will always be able to see the image when they open your page. Just make sure that you keep the original link to the image so that someone can visit your Tumblr page and download the image for free.


In order to promote your Tumblr account and all of your images, you should post comments on posts that other users leave. Not only is this a good way to add content to your Tumblr account, but it also encourages users to check out your other posts. So, go ahead and start posting comments on other people’s posts to get your brand of vintage nature photography known!

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