Print Your Photos With A Pocket Photo Printer

Your photo results will depend a lot on the type of paper you print it on.

Print your photos on good quality photo paper to make sure that you get the best results. Choosing the best type of photo paper is another aspect of photography that will go a long way. This makes sure your photo is well presented. Additionally, the type of photo paper you use will also ensure high-quality that is long-lasting and will not get damaged or fade over time. When choosing the type of photo paper you will use, you need to have a handle on the variations that are out there. This will ensure that you choose the perfect one for your style needs.

Matte Photo Paper

The most common type of photo paper for photographers to print their photos on is matte photo paper. This type of photo paper allows you to print your photo on a canvas that is smooth and clean. Moreover, it does not have a strong glare to it when putting under lighting. This makes photos more appealing and allows your viewers to appreciate the photo without unnecessary distractions. On the other hand, matte photos are not always the best choice, especially when it comes to more vintage style photos. Vintage photos are usually printed on pearl and luster or glossy type papers. We will look more into these options in the following sections.

Matte photo paper is a good option for printing your photos.
Print Your Photos With A Pocket Photo Printer

Pocket Printer Automatic Photo Printing

If you want the ability to print your vintage photos on the go, then this pocket printer automatic photo printing product is for you. You can instantly preserve your photos with a simple click of a button whenever and wherever you are. With its convenient size, you can bring it along during trips and travel without having to worry about heaviness or storage. It can hold up to 10 sheets allowing you to print and print when needed. The pocket printer supports JPEG, PNG, and Bluetooth. Moreover, it can connect up to 3 people at a time.

Print Your Photos With A Pocket Photo Printer

Pearl And Luster

Pearl and luster photo paper gives you a more professional feel with a satin finish that has a textured feel to it. This texture is very subtle. I can be visible to viewers, but it is not overwhelming that it distorts or changes your image. This type of photo paper has a sort of weave effect to it that mirrors the photography prints from vintage times. One of the best choices for showcasing your photo, pearl or luster prints have that special effect on monochrome photos that bring out detail while also adding a bit of texture to your photo.

Pearl photo paper gives a more professional feel to your photo.
Print Your Photos With A Pocket Photo Printer


Glossy photo paper is the most widely used type for photographers. The shine helps in distinguishing almost every detail of your photograph. On the other hand, the glare that glossy paper is famous for makes viewing the photo properly in certain lightings and angles a problem. Vintage photos are also usually printed on this type of paper, and if you plan on sticking to the timeline and creating a truly vintage feel, this will be the right choice for your photo paper needs.

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