Photography Props

Photography Props All Photographers Need

Are you the kind of photographer who is a jack-of-all-trades? Do you photograph every kind of niche, rather than limiting yourself to one niche? If that sounds like you, then you need to have an array of photography props that help take your photography to the next level.

These photography props are easy to obtain and generic enough to be used on several occasions. This makes them worth the investment that you need to make to boost your photography props collection.  

Every photographer is different, and they bring their touch and artistic sensibilities to the photographs they take. This will be reflected in the photography props they use as well. So, take this list for what it is, a general indication of how to get started.

We have tried to make a general list covering various photographic niches, so have a look.

Photography Props For Food

Photography Props All Photographers Need
Photography Props All Photographers Need

The right props can elevate your food photographs by quite a margin. If you don’t use the right props for your food pictures, then they have a risk of making the food seem unappetizing and making your photograph fall flat. Whether you take pictures for a blog or print and online advertisements, or just for the fun of it, ensure you have these basic food photography props.

The most common props you will need are plates and dishes to hold your food. Purchase plates and dishes that are generic enough to go well with a wide variety of backgrounds. You don’t want to purchase a new table set every time you need to take a good picture.

Other handy props that will come in use quite often are cups and glasses. Even if you focus on dry foods, it is often essential to add a drink to the table to complete the picture. Make sure every prop you invest in goes well with each other and can be used in different combinations.

Photography Props For Babies

You might get a lot of calls to take professional photographs of newborns and infants. This is all the trend, as parents love to have cute photographs of their children for keepsake and memories. You might want to invest in the right baby photography props if you want to excel in the game.

Some great props that make for excellent pictures are baskets and blankets and soft toys. These three go well with each other, and newborn babies look cuter sleeping in them. You can’t go wrong.

Photography Props For Weddings

Photography Props All Photographers Need
Photography Props All Photographers Need

If you specialize in wedding photography or get a lot of commissions that way, then consider these generic wedding props that can be used every time.

Take a cue from Hollywood movies and go big on balloons and banners. Balloons add a touch of happiness to weddings, and you can use them as a background or have the couple hold them. Balloons are a great way for the photographs to say, the couple is happy.

Get a generic banner made that can be used as a backdrop. Make the wording of the banner a little fun and a little romantic.


Just a couple of props are enough to make a photograph come alive. Choosing the right background and having the right props are to of the most sure-fire ways of taking good photographs.    

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