Photography Position Ideas For Children

photography position ideas

If you are a photographer that has just recently graduated or someone who is about to embark upon a profession in the field of newborn photography, then you will definitely want to pay special attention to some newborn photography position ideas. A job in this field can be both lucrative and fulfilling. Just imagine the thrill of snapping the first few images of your newborn as she sits on her mother’s hip. Or how about those amazing shots you get when the baby kicks its legs or looks up at the camera with those wise-to-be brown eyes? Now, wouldn’t you want to capture these moments for posterity?

There are many baby photography positions that make great presents for expecting moms and dads, such as: on a high chair, in a cradle or even on a bed with the father or mom. These present suggestions can help you with posing the newborn in just the right way. The following are additional tips that you can follow to ensure you get the best newborn photographs you can take.

Types Of Newborn Photography

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Many parents choose to shoot their newborns in portrait mode. This is the ideal type of newborn photography position if you don’t mind having the baby all to yourself. Simply place the infant in a sitting position in a chair, but don’t forget to have something for the parent to hold onto for support. You can use a blanket or a stuffed animal to prop up the parent. Don’t forget to place some pillows or cushions on the floor around the infant.

A baby needs to be positioned so that it can see all around. For best results, you should turn on the flash and get your camera ready for action. In portrait mode, the baby’s face should be slightly upward as well as the extremities, so make sure you get the best angle possible.

Amazing Photography Position Ideas

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Another good option for new parents is to pose the baby in a sideways position. As long as the baby’s legs are at least out in the open, you should be good to go. Start by laying down the baby on the couch with its arms at the side. Make sure that both hands are on the baby’s head so that they are able to see everything. If you’re planning on posing the baby in portrait mode, then turn on the flash and set the camera up so that it’s easy to move in any direction. Lay down one arm over the other, so that the child’s body is slightly tilted to the side.

Many photographers find that a newborn’s little body takes some getting used to. So when you’re starting out, try to take your photographs from several different angles. The best way to begin is by standing directly in front of the baby and pointing towards its feet. Keep your eyes directly on the feet and move your camera so that you don’t have to turn your head to check what your baby is doing. When you feel comfortable with the pose, move your camera closer and take the shot.

More About Positions

If you have an older baby or toddler, you can still pose the child in a way that will make a nice portrait. To start, you’ll need to hold the child by the shoulders, and make sure that their body is upright. Then make the child sit or lie down depending on how your baby is situated. Make sure that your child’s back is straight and their head is raised as high as you can comfortably reach. While you’re sitting down, point the camera at their stomach so that you get a nice photo of a relaxed child.

Final Thoughts

All of these photography position ideas are great for getting the most out of the pictures you take. It’s easy to get caught up in taking the best picture or trying to make the most interesting layout, and forget about how your baby looks in the photo. Take the time to notice the little things, and the portrait of your baby will take of him or herself will be one of timeless beauty.

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