Phone Camera Lens For Better Photography

Phone Camera Lens For Better Photography

Technology has advanced in every sector you can think of. Photography has also come a long way from what it used to be just a decade back. The phone camera lens of the mobiles has become sharp and precise. You can click clear photos of objects more than half a mile away. You will find all sorts of lenses in the market; there are small lenses to large ones that help you capture images from a distance.

Mobile cameras are no less behind the SLRs and the DSLRs. The mobile phones have started to give cameras 50 megapixels and even more. The clarity and the quality of the images clicked through a mobile phone are amazing. There is a competition between the mobile manufacturing companies to launch mobiles with impeccable camera qualities.

New technology lets you attach an external lens to your mobile camera. This augments the range, and the clarity of the photos clicked by the phones. These lenses help you add visual effects to your photos.

Details About Phone Camera Lens

The package includes a different lens with different functions, and you can attach the one which the situation demands. The effects include sharpening and distorting the background of the object clicked.

The lens is made of a superior quality glass lens.

The dimension of the lens is 13 mm in diameter.

Some of the functions which can be performed are fisheye, wide-angle photos, macro and telescope photos, flow filter, star filter, and radial filter.

The Package Has The Following:

  • Firstly, it has a 1x Fish Eye Lens
  • Secondly, it comes with 1x Wide-Angle & Marco Lens
  • 1x (2x) Telescope Lens
  • 1x Star filter
  • 1x CPL Lens
  • 2x Kaleidoscope Lens
  • 1x Flow filter
  • 1x Radial filter
  • 9x Lens Cover
  • 1x Universal Lens Clip
  • 1x Organizer Bag
  • Moreover, 1x Cleaning Cloth
  • Lastly, it comprises of a 1x User Manual & Retail box

The Utility Of The Phone Camera Lens

These lenses are multipurpose. They can be attached to your mobile phones and tablets. These will help enhance the picture quality of your device. These lenses have added features like the filters, colored effects, etc. They are easily portable, detachable, and very easy to use.

Picture Quality And Effects

You get the pictures as you would expect from a professional photographer. Moreover, you get this from only using your smartphone or a tablet. The lens extensions are compatible with different phone brands like the iPhone, Samsung, etc. The 13 mm lens does wonders with the photos you click. This mobile lens is made of aluminum alloy and high-quality glass material. They are very durable and ensure a long life of the lens. 

The set comes with ten different types of lenses that have different functions and uses. Also, it is very easy to change one lens to another. It is swift and quick.

Feature Of The Phone Camera Lens

This lens set comes with the 198-degree fisheye lens. The pack also has a 15X macro zoom for capturing the farthest objects, that too with clarity and precision. 

Phone Camera Lens For Better Photography
Phone Camera Lens For Better Photography


So, guys, this was all about the phone camera lens. It is an amazing package of lenses. Go ahead and buy one for yourself and capture nature with this camera.

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