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Outdoor vintage photography is a great way to capture the elements of yesteryear. There are a variety of ways to get a vintage photo, but you will have to do some searching. Moreover, you will also have to stage your location and subject somehow to get the vintage look you want. Additionally, how you edit your photo will also affect if your photo looks vintage or not. Here are some tips on location, subject, and editing that you can use to create a stunning vintage photo that is eye-catching and engaging at the same time.


When it comes to location, you will want to find a spot that timeless but also engaging. Cities are always a great place to look for such spots. You can head to quaint little coffee shops that showcase vintage set-ups. Furthermore, you can look for shops that sell vintage items and take photos at the storefront. Another great idea is to look for areas with graffiti as this gives off the vibe of the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. If you are looking for older times such as the ’30s, ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s, you can look around for places with old buildings or automobiles that you can use as your backdrop.

Outdoor settings make for great vintage feels.
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On-Location Shoot: Camera Bag Backpack Waterproof

When you are out there shooting on location for your vintage photos, you need a bag that protects all your camera equipment. The camera bag backpack waterproof is the perfect accessory for this. Its spacious and economical design comes with multiple compartments. This will help you to organize your equipment in an easy manner that is convenient for you. The bag comes with a waterproof rain cover to keep the contents dry. Material is made with waterproof polyester, so you are sure of its durability.

Outdoor Vintage Photography? Try This Bag!


If you want your vintage photos to speak of a certain era, you have to make sure your subject is dressed for the part. Getting vintage clothes or piecing them together is not that hard. For example, if you want to imitate the 70’s you can go for flowery and flowy clothes that are light and breezy. For ’80s tight leather skirts and off-shoulder tops were a thing. You will also want to style the hair in a manner that is fashionable and uses lots of hairsprays. The ’90s was the age of denim, so denim jackets over denim pants and a polo shirt will do. The best thing you can do is research on the era’s fashion craze and copy the style to a fault. This is ensuring that your photo has the same vibe as the era you are after.

Dress for the part.
Outdoor Vintage Photography? Try This Bag!


In terms of editing outdoor vintage photography, take into consideration the era that you are shooting up to the ’50s black and white or sepia are the best filters to use to get that vintage look. From the ’60s to the ’90s, warm tones with a yellowish or red tint are great.

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