Lens Choices For The Entry Level Photography Camera

entry level photography camera

This is the first entry level photography camera I have purchased. I am a student at a community college and use my new SLR to keep up with current events in my city and take pictures. The episodes that follow will be some of my favorites. I am sorry for the lower audio quality on this episode, it was an old recording I made using my old mic.

Here are some things you need to know when looking for a good entry level digital SLR camera. You should be able to take a good picture with any of these cameras. Some of the entry level SLRs are equipped with zoom lenses. You will be able to focus quickly but do so at the cost of image quality. I recommend the Canon Rebel lines due to their features, especially the zoom.

Photography Podcast

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In this second episode of our photography podcast, we are going to talk about a lens I can buy for under $200. This lens was introduced in our previous podcast. I found this to be a great tool to get into photography. It allows you to play with light and bring out the different colors of the rainbow. There are a lot of benefits to owning a lens like this.

In this third episode of our photography podcast, we are going to wrap up this digital SLR buying guide with a few guidelines to keep in mind when purchasing your next camera. We discuss purchasing a DSLR, memory cards, batteries, lenses and autofocus. A great camera should make you take better photographs, give you more options, and help you learn more about photography. I recommend all of these things when starting out with a new digital SLR.

Lens Under 200 Dollars

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In this fourth episode of our SLR photography podcast, we will discuss what lens can I buy for under 200 dollars. In this episode we will continue with the benefits of owning an SLR and dig deeper into the idea of interchangeable lenses. We will talk about the Nikon D3000i, Fuji XSi, and Sony Coolpix S. We will also touch on some of the most popular digital SLRs. For those of you that might be a little curious as to what lens can I buy for under 200 bucks, listen up. We will discuss lenses such as the Canon Rebel line.

In our fifth and final podcast, we are going to discuss what lens can I buy for under 200 dollars. In this final episode we will discuss the idea of purchasing a used or discount digital SLR. If you are looking to save a few hundred dollars on your SLR, you might consider checking out some of the used models that are available online. There are many sites online dedicated to selling SLR cameras used, which will allow you to purchase a working model for a significantly lower price.

Best Current Digital SLRs

In our previous podcasts we discussed some of the best current digital SLRs available for beginning photographers. In this podcast we are going to focus on one of the most popular camera brands in the market today – Fujifilm. You may not have heard of the brand before, but they make some of the best compact cameras on the market. Their E-slim and X-tta line are both great products for anyone looking to purchase a camera that is both compact and professional grade. For those that are interested in finding out what lens can I buy for under 200 dollars, listen up.

Fujifilm produces two lens lines specifically for beginning photographers. The X-tta offers up a compact, lightweight body designed for the more amateur photographer. The E-slim is the slightly bigger but also lighter and more professional looking alternative to the X-tta.

Final Words

As you can see, if you are looking for a camera that can offer you the features and quality that you need at an affordable price, the Fujifilm E-slim and X-tta lenses are the ones that you should be looking at.

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