Landscape Photography: Common Mistakes

Landscape Photography: Some Common Mistakes and Solutions

Are you into the landscape photography field? Then, it’s very important to be familiar with common mistakes and their solutions.

The beauty of this photography area is that you can easily convert a not-so-compelling landscape into an attractive photograph. But, proper knowledge and practice are the keys to success.

After going to a place, you start experiencing its sounds, colors, sounds, and vibrations. Your work is to compile everything into images so that spectators can feel that charm even without visiting that place.

While capturing a landscape image, your mind should be clear about the final output. But, some common mistakes can prevent your images from attracting spectators.

Landscape Photography: Some Common Mistakes and Solutions
Landscape Photography: Some Common Mistakes and Solutions

Curved Horizon When Taking Landscape Photography

Horizon is a common feature of almost every landscape image. You can’t deny its contribution in terms of the subject and feel of the scene.

Always be careful about the line that separates the sky from the land. It must be perfectly straight throughout the image. Otherwise, your efforts will become valueless.

As a solution, you can take help of the Grid Overlay, Bubble Levels, and Electronic Horizon features of your camera. But, if the problem still persists, post-processing of photos using “straighten tool” will help.

Empty Skies

When you’re into landscape photography, you need to be aware of the expressions of the spectators in advance. For example, an image having a background of the sky is really wonderful. But, if there are no birds or clouds in the sky, it will seem boring and dull to viewers.

So, always try to capture the sky with some interesting features. But, if the sky is empty, just increase the horizon line to alleviate the sky portion. It’s completely alright if less sky is displayed in your photographs.

Eye-level Perspective

Do you want to stand out from your fellow photographers? Then, try to adopt some unique styles to capture the scene. Most of the photographers take photos from an eye-level standing mode. Why not trying to capture from heights or near the ground? Be ready to get surprised to see the amazing outputs.

No Focal Point When Taking Landscape Photography

While it comes to landscape photography, backgrounds of mountains and skies are really mesmerizing. But, you must have a specific subject in your photos. So, decide about a focal point in advance to capture spectators’ attention.

No matter what’s your focal point- a boat, a tree, etc- but it should be clearly recognizable. Landscape photos are incomplete if the main subject is absent.

Landscape Photography: Some Common Mistakes and Solutions
Landscape Photography: Some Common Mistakes and Solutions

Congested Background

You already know about the consequences of a dull and boring background. The reverse is also a mistake. Cluttered backgrounds will distract the spectator’s attention from the main subject. Always check the background before capturing images. All background elements must look separated from each other.

The visual amalgamation of elements ruins the beauty of landscape images. For instance, if there is more than one tree in the background, don’t let them appear as a greenish bubble.

These are some of the common mistakes and solutions of landscape photography that you should remember in your entire career.

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