Is Green Vintage Photography the Future of Weddings

green vintage photography

Green Vintage Photography is one of the hottest new themes in wedding photography. This is a photoshop that not only uses environmentally friendly supplies and processing methods, but also uses the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies to create each image. These photos are not only gorgeous, but are also very educational for couples wanting to learn about green photography after the wedding.

Green Vintage’s parent corporation, Green Vintage Images, Inc., was created in 2021 by photographer Amy Sadowsky with the mission of using green vintage photography to present positive aspects of environmental conservation. Amy started the company with photographer Tod Simon. In addition to their beautiful, creative photography and creative design style, they’re also dedicated to environmental responsibility. Every wedding at Green Vintage is individually custom designed by one of the company’s certified Creative Director or Designers. They offer each bridal entourage unique styling cuts, accents, and lengths on each photo collection.

Why Green Vintage Photography

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These days, people are making big decisions regarding their weddings. Couples are choosing to marry in environmentally friendly facilities or nearby, and they’re even making choices based on where the ceremony will take place. But one big decision that many couples are making, and the one Amy Sadowsky believes should be a no brainer, is to select green vintage photography for their wedding. “The fact that green wedding photography has become so popular is a clear indication that brides and their big day are choosing a more eco-friendly method of capturing their special day,” says Sadowsky.

Not everyone agrees with Amy’s choice to use green styles and materials in capturing her digital wedding. “I personally think it’s a great idea if the pictures have a natural look and feel. I would just like to see more evidence that these photographers take more pride in their images than they do the client’s demands,” states Patrons reacting to the reviewed photographs.

The Top Benefits

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As with any product or service, we found that there were pros and cons with using green style and materials in engagement photos. Most of the pros we noticed have to do with the quality of the finished product, which we found to be very high. The pictures are stunning, and our guests were absolutely blown away by them. These are the types of pictures you will always cherish as a reminder of your special day.

Another pro we saw was that most photographers offering the service had great customer service. We reviewed a few photographers who did not have very good customer service, but overall, most of the companies provided stellar service. Most of the pictures we received were what we expected, clean, crisp, and highly recommended. When talking with the customer representatives, they were very polite and patient with answering questions, explaining each step of the process, and answering any questions we may have. Most of the people who were contacted to review their wedding photos were happy with the results, and recommended the photographer to others with a similar style of photography.

High Demand

Green photography has been getting more press in recent months, as several photographers have begun offering this style of photography for couples who want to create an environmentally friendly image for their big day. Using natural materials like recycled papers, plant oils, and old photographs is becoming very popular with wedding vendors, interior designers, and even homeowners looking to create a more natural, earthy look for their engagement shoot. Some photographers also offer green photography as part of a package, which is a nice option for people who don’t necessarily care about saving the planet, but still want to look beautiful on their special day. With this many people discussing green themes for their wedding photos, it makes sense that green photography is growing in popularity.


Overall, while there are many pros and cons to green vintage photography, we saw that most people were pleased with the results. The photos were gorgeous, cost effective, and created an eco-friendly atmosphere for the couple. People are trying to make their weddings more environmentally friendly, so using this type of approach is definitely a good choice. If you’re looking for a beautiful, affordable way to capture the special moments in your life for your wedding, consider this type of photography.

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