Tips For Your Wedding Photoshoot

Tips For Your First Wedding Photography

With the wedding season on, there are numerous reasons why you should take your photography skills to the next level.  Wedding being one of the most important parts of life, the couples are always in search of the perfect wedding photographers and if you want to take the skills to the next level, here are a couple of tips for the new professionals of the field.

  1. Get a second shooter.
  2. Come prepared with good equipment.
  3. Have previous plans on your shots.
  4. Know whom and what to keep in frame.
  5. Capture the little moments that matter the most.
Tips For Your First Wedding Photography
Tips For Your First Wedding Photography

Start As An Assistant

It is not easy to start your business directly as a wedding photographer. It requires time and skills to build a reputation. Knowing the dos and don’ts is equally important before you jump into your first wedding assignment. Hence learning the basics from a well-established photographer will help you to know the ins and outs of the trade.

Make Sure You Carry Your Gears

Being a professional photographer and making excuses for forgetting or having the proper tool doesn’t go hand in hand. Did you miss the extra batteries and memory cards? Or did you do the backups in real time? Don’t forget these crucial decisions. Better be safe than sorry.

Have a Helping Hand

You can carry the equipment quickly, but you can’t afford to miss the small vital events. Hence it is advisable to have a partner or better more than one partner who can help you to capture the moments.  A newcomer or an intern will fit the job as well as the bill.

Tips For Your First Wedding Photography
Tips For Your First Wedding Photography

Have the Shots in Mind

Couples always love pre-wedding journey. This is one of the vital parts for the bride and groom, and hence is quite essential for the pair. It’s better to keep the poses and themes in mind for the couple. The couple is expected to carry out as per your instruction, and hence it is better if you carry an album to help them understand the themes and poses visually. Whether you want to keep it as vintage weddin photography or as portrait photography, it is imperative to keep clients in the loop. Further, the manual will help you to get your next customers.

Don’t miss the first

Whether it is the first kiss or the first look, the couple always wants to save their special memories. It is advisable to talk to the couple about what things they want to take care of. Photos from different angles can add charm to your skills while helping the couple to expect what they can get.

Know who your esteemed guests are

While all of the guests are equally important, there are certain people in the families who you can’t ignore at wedding photography at all. As a wedding photographer, you must understand before-hand that who are the famous guests. Mark the VIPs and know when to include them in the frame.

Tips For Your First Wedding Photography
Tips For Your First Wedding Photography

Why are group shots essential?

It is natural that everyone wants to have a picture with the couple. Hence it is important to have group shots rather than going solo. You need to have people management skills to obtain such group shots, but certain things like blinks and sneezing can destroy the whole fun. Hence the timing also needs to be taken care while leading for the group shoots.

Wedding photography is fun if you want to keep it that way. The business aspect of it is equally more lucrative and hence certain aspects of the photography should be kept in mind before entering into it.

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