How You Can Take Magical Photos For Stunning Images

How You Can Take Magical Photos For Stunning Images

Magical photos. Whether it’s the light that looks fantastical, or the landscape, whimsical, magical photos aren’t always about touching up images through Photoshop. Or any other software, for that matter. 

Did you know that you can take such photographs ATM? Real-time? You just have to apply a few tips to get them bippity-boppity- right! Here’s how. 

Magical Photos: The Basic Equipment 

How You Can Take Magical Photos For Stunning Images

For basic-shmasic tools to have in order for you to take magical photos like a pro, or at least, almost like one, we’ve collated a few below. They’re accessible and easy to purchase. They don’t cost much either. In fact, you might already have some of them. Again, we’re only talking about basic photography devices. 

If you want to up your game, you’ll have to up your tools, too. That said, check these out. 

1. Polarized Lens For Magical Photos

These types of lenses function so that only vertical light passes through. This means that the object in the frame you want to highlight the most will be clear as day, while everything else around it will be somewhat obscure. Like a focused type of zoom, if we may so. 

You can utilize this especially for selective focus captures. 

2. Wide-Angle Lens 

Let’s talk about hyperfocal distance. This is when you want a certain level of sharpness in an image wherein there are objects that are both near and far from your camera lens. Once you set the hyperfocal distance on the said object, everything else will turn out to appear super sharp. 

If you want this kind of real-magic through pro lenses, this is a go-to. Even for any “ordinary” take. 

3. Fish-Eye Lens 

Think of a convex curve. Think old doorbell holes that you can peep through to see who’s at the door. The image it offers is identifiable but in a convex kind of way. That’s what the fish-eye lens does, in a much more heightened sense. 

4. Bokeh Lens 

Ever wonder how that dewy, spectrum-like background is taken? These are most likely the lenses used for that take. They assist in making the background have that hazy glimmer in a spiral dimension. Barrel distortion reduction is compensated for much higher than average which results in this look. 

Magical Photos: The Most Practical Tip

Experiment With Light 

This one’s a basic tip that will always have a place in any type of photography. Light doesn’t only illuminate an object. It’s also itself a natural effect that can either make or break the aesthetic of a photo. For magical photos, you’ll want to manipulate light in a manner that isn’t common and “realistic.” 

How You Can Take Magical Photos For Stunning Images

Although, of course, this can be altered via the type of lens you use or through editing software. However, it’s still a great experience, having to adjust yourself and your vantage points to capture that magical light you want for your shoot. 

There are myriads to select from and it all depends on what you’re looking for. Broad light, split, and short light is a fave because they create shadows against the focused object. A bit of drama, if you will. A backlight also gives that glowy illusion when the subject’s back is towards the light source. You’ll need to angle your camera so that you’ll be able to center on that angle where the object is brightest and clearest, against the light source. 

And many more! The step you need to take now is to try these basic ones out. You’ll be amazed at how whimsically fantastical your photos will look, and at a pro-level! Without needing to spend so much on expensive equipment. 

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