How To Use A Kirlian Photography Camera In Capturing Photos

kirlian photography camera

Before answering this question, let’s look at how the photography method involved works. The technique used for these photos (capturing special aura) is known as Kirlian photography, also named by the creator of this technique, Semyon Kirlian.. In this piece, we will look at: How to capture the aura with a Kirlian camera, chakras and aura photos. We start from basics: what is a Kirlian camera? And what are the different types available for use with this kind of equipment. Finally, we look at the uses and benefits of Kirlian and aura photography in detail.

This Type Of Camera Has A Lens With Wide Angle Lenses

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To get started with this type of photography, you need a very good camera. This type of camera has a lens with wide angle lenses. These lenses will enable you to take photos of your entire human body. This is often done with the intention of doing an aura photography of a whole room or house. In fact, there is a whole book on the subject (called ‘Aura Photography: A Guide to Chakra photographing and Healing’, by Melitta Mladenoff and Karen Smith, which are freely available on Amazon). You do not need to buy a separate book, if you already have a decent camera.

After you have the proper equipment, you can begin the process of a kirlian photography camera session. To do this, place the camera on a table, face up. If you are doing chakra photography, position it so that the object you wish to photograph faces directly towards the lens. Do not worry about obstructing your view. If you do not see anything, nothing will appear.

Place The Corona Effect Camera Lens On Top Of The Cloth Or The Sheet Of Plastic

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Next, place a cloth or a sheet of plastic over the lens. Then place the corona effect camera lens on top of the cloth or the sheet of plastic. Now, stand on a chair so that the object is directly in front of you. In fact, you should be standing right behind the table when you start to take photographs. Now, close your eyes.

Place the kirlian photography camera on the ground and point it at the center of the photo-frame. Make sure that the lens is pointed directly at your target. Bring the shutter down slowly. After a few seconds, open the aperture and begin taking photographs. The goal here is to take as many photos as possible within the time frame you have set.


After you have finished the first round of photographs, you may switch to the second technique called ‘slowing down’. This method requires that you let the shutter do its work. With your finger, you will trace an arc with your fingers covering the camera lens. This technique has the power to expose the aura of the human body at various locations in the body.

The third and final round of photographs requires you to shift to the high-voltage light source. You should have already completed the initial round of exposure. However, you can add this round of exposure by placing the photographic plate under direct sunlight. You can turn on the red button on the kirlian photography device. In case you have done everything right, you will be getting a photograph with a high-voltage charge on the photographic plate. You should now return to normal mode.

Final Words

This type of photography camera actually uses a special type of film that has a high density that gives it a very short time to enter the shutter. The photographic plate will only be exposed for a very short time, and the amount of charge that is generated will determine this period of time. If the charge is low, the image will be underexposed. If it is high, the shot will be overexposed.

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