How To Take Incredible Baby Photos At Home

You have this bundle of joy – a cute newborn baby and you would like to take all those great photos of various milestones in their journey. Most probably you do not prefer hiring a photographer to do all those tasks.

The good news is, with your smartphone, you can create sweet memories by taking amazing baby photos at home. Read on to know some important and simple to follow tips.

1. Lighting Is Key

Good lighting will enhance the quality of the images while poor lighting will produce either blurry or darkened images.

As such, you want to place your baby close to a window that has an indirect sun penetration but with sufficient lighting. A well-lighted house with ambient natural light produces the best photos. If your window has sheers, you may consider drawing them to allow enough natural light. Taking photos at night may not be advisable. In addition, it is necessary to switch off all the lighting in your house.

2. Position Your Baby Accordingly

Since you have enough natural lighting, you now need to consider how and where to position your baby for a beautiful picture? Position your baby such that he/she is facing the source of light. Ensure you do not block the light as the baby photos will be compromised by the shadows. Following this simple tip will result in bright pictures.

3. Bouncing The Light To Enhance The Photos

How To Take Incredible Baby Photos At Home
How To Take Incredible Baby Photos At Home

While this may sound like jargon, it simply means distributing the light evenly even on the shadows to brighten up the Baby Photos. You can pick up a whiteboard and position it such that it reflects light from the window. That way, the photo will be clearer and even the dark spots will brighten up.

4. Be Natural And Creative

Sometimes the best photo shoots occur when not planned for. As such, be calm and natural; do not fret. Take those photos in a serene environment that is quiet to allow you focus on that baby’s feet or small face. Do not worry that you have not taken the perfect photo that you wanted. There is always a next time. The thing is, keep trying various positions, places, and times of the day to know when to capture the best moments. Besides, practice makes perfect.

5. The Angle And Technique Matters

To get the best Baby Photos, ensure the camera is just above the baby. An aerial view of the baby or just above the right eye does wonders. So next time, it would be ideal to take an overhead photo as you are seated. However, be careful not to compromise the safety of your baby in pursuit of a photo-shoot.

Generally, to get the best baby photos, ensure there is adequate natural lighting in the room and be creative and composed as you do so. With the above tips, you may never need a professional photographer as you will be doing it perfectly by yourself. Enjoy your baby’s photo session.

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