How To Improve Your Next Food Photography Session


The world is changing. With the rise in freelancing jobs and opportunities, more and more people are looking beyond their nine to five jobs. One such hobby that has captured the nerves of the young souls is photography. With more and more people trying to explore their creative side, this once considered hobby has become the full-time career options of many trying to produce pictures that touch your heart, images that depict a thousand words.

Things To Watch Out In Your Next Food Photography Session
How To Improve Your Next Food Photography Session
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But the world of photography doesn’t end here. There are a thousand different things and domains of the art. Themes baby photos, nature photography, and portrait photography are some of the prominent themes which have taken the mainstream. In today’s topic, let’s explore food photography and the things you need to keep in mind while shooting.

1. Lighting

Lighting conditions can either make or break your photograph. Many photographs can be dramatically improved just with proper lighting conditions. Natural light from windows serve as one of the most excellent sources of natural light and hence is preferred by many professionals. The daylight keeps the food to look more natural. Apart from that, tools like reflectors are used to create uniform lighting conditions for the entire room in food photography.

2. Timing

The color of the food change mostly changes with time. The food becomes dull and loses that look and feel, which freshly cooked food can emit. One of the techniques used by many professionals use is to shot entirely with props and then switch to the real thing once the food is cooked.

Things To Watch Out In Your Next Food Photography Session
How To Improve Your Next Food Photography Session

3. Angle

While some dishes look great from the top, most of the beginners try to take photographs of all their pictures from the top angle. Most often the images don’t fit the bill from this angle and hence should be avoided most likely. Creators should have a proper understanding of viewpoint and the theme they are trying to capture before making any decision.

4. Props

While sometimes the standalone pictures of the food are sufficient enough, most images need props in the background to add content and context to the image. Excessive things can also clutter the picture and deviate it from its main material. Accessories like glass, fork, and flower can be placed in secondary positions either in foreground or background of your shot.

Things To Watch Out In Your Next Food Photography Session
How To Improve Your Next Food Photography Session

5. Enhancing your shot

Items like artificial colors and vegetable should be used in a proper amount and at right places, to improve the quality of the picture. Small techniques like adding vegetable oil to make it look shiny during photo shoot help a lot. One can easily find such techniques on various forums to enhance the quality of pictures.

6. Don’t miss the steam

With steam rising from your food, the feeling of “just cooked meal” arises in your mind. Some of the strategies that professionals use for artificial steam is by microwaving water soaked cotton balls for the steam. These balls are then placed behind the food to create the feeling of steam rising from the food.

While there are numerous techniques used by professionals to make the food look bright and lively, the basics remain the same. Photography being a vast area with numerous domains helps individuals unleash their creative powers. More and more millennials are opting this as a full-time career instead of just keeping it as a hobby.

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