Get Great Vintage Photos

Vintage photography has come back in style.

There has been a great increase in want of vintage photos. Many people are opting to shoot and edit their photos to make it seem like it is from earlier times. The best way to get vintage photos is through the post-processing phase of photography. This means editing it in a manner that makes the photo more vintage-like.

Editing Applications For Great Vintage Photos

There are several applications you can use that come with tools that help you edit your photos to make them look like the photos from the past. Moreover, these applications come with pre-set filters that have vintage effects on them. Some examples of applications with vintage filters are VSCO and Lightroom, so you may want to give them a try. Also, here are some tips to help you make your photos look vintage.

The way you edit your photo will have a big impact on the final outcome.
How to Get Great Vintage Photos

Contrast and Saturation

Vintage photos are toned down, meaning to say they are not as vivid as today’s photos. Additionally, the best and easiest way to achieve a vintage photo feel to your photograph is to tone down your contrast to create a fuller look. Another thing to consider is lessening the saturation of your photo. This makes your photo more faded, giving off that vintage feel. On VSCO and Lightroom, this is pretty easy to do. All you have to do is go to the editing bar, and it should be right there.

Work with Exposure

Similar to contrast and saturation, toning down the exposure of your photograph will create that vintage photo look that you are after. Choose the correct exposure of your photo so that that it will not be so strong. Give it that hazy look that old photos have. VSCO and Lightroom allow you to adjust the exposure of your photo easily using the tool-bars.

Use Black & White and Sepia

In addition to toning down the contrast and lessening saturation, you may opt to use black and white filters. Black and white photographs give off that vintage feel and make your photos seem like they are from yesteryears. Sepia is also a great way to create a vintage-looking photograph. IT gives of a brownish hue that speaks of olden times. In VSCO and Lightroom, you can get filters and pre-sets that have these features.

Using classic sepia tones will make for great vintage photos.
How to Get Great Vintage Photos

Add Grain to your Photos

Vintage photos are known for their texture. This texture is called graininess. Adding this to your photo makes it less vivid and subtler. Back then, when shooting with film cameras, the results were grainy photos that were toned down. Moreover, adding some graininess to your photo will no doubt make it seem like it was taken back in time. Both VSCO and Lightroom allow you to choose the graininess of your photo, adding to its vintage feel and look.

Have Fun with Editing

Overall, have fun with your editing. You can play around with white balance and hues to make the photo uniquely your style yet still vintage. If you are a beginner, then VSCO and Lightroom are a great start for photo editing. Their easy to use systems make it a great starting point for hobbyists and beginners alike. Enjoy the process of editing your photos. It’s one of the most fun parts of photography.

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