How to Choose the Best Travel Digital Camera

canon photography camera

For those who are in love with travel photography and have a passion for clicking away while on the road, Canon’s range of cameras can prove to be a boon. The company’s range of compact, medium and large format lenses includes both general purpose lenses and special purpose lenses that suit a variety of requirements. The lenses range from normal lenses to SLR lenses – the latter being more suited to high-end work. There is also a range of fixed-lens reflex lenses available. All these lenses can be purchased directly from the firm’s website or can be ordered online.

List Of Canon Photography Camera

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Canon ef 50mm f/4

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The basic model of the Canon ef 50mm f/4 for travel photography is just the beginning. This compact digital camera from the brand makes use of an advanced motor which ensures smoothness throughout the whole range of lenses. For example, the center lens is particularly fast although it does tend to give out some coma when used at great distances. The lens hood too is extremely helpful to eliminate haze. For long distant shots the lens performs excellently.

Canon EOS 50mm f/4

The camera bag of the Canon EOS 50mm f/4 remains one of the most popular accessories sold with this model. It is very functional because it helps protect the camera from shock and bumps while traveling. The bag is also shock resistant and easily adjustable. Additionally, it makes it easy to carry and provides extra padding so that the user is comfortable throughout the entire course of a photography trip.

For amateur photographers, carrying a compact digital camera bag is as important as carrying a laptop or tablet. In fact, it is almost a must. This is because the body of the EOS 50mm f/4 is fairly small in size when opened up. This means that it has to be protected from bumps and shock if it is to be carried around for long durations. This is where the bags come into play.

Canon Eos 90d

The camera bags available with the canon eos 90d are suitable for both amateur and professional photography. They have been designed in such a way that they offer maximum protection without reducing the quality of the photographs. There are a special compartment for carrying telephoto lenses and one for using the wide angle lenses. The additional lens holder is useful in situations when you do not want the telephoto lenses to get in the way. There is also a sleeve for the SLR cameras.

The two additional pieces of the photography equipment that can be carried with the EOS 90d are the optional video camera strap and a memory card reader. The camera strap is an essential accessory for a video photographer. The strap allows the shooting of video clips, even with a normal camera as the images from the recorder will be covered by the foam shooting pad. The card reader is helpful in accessing the memory card and downloading the pictures to the computer. It is possible to transfer the videos directly to the hard drive or the video footage can be stored on an external hard disk. This is a great option for those who have lots of video clips on hand.

The full-frame Canon Rebel series has some exceptional features. One of these is the Canon lens mount adapters. This is the first lens mount brand that is available from Canon. It is extremely simple to use as it uses all the same controls that the regular lens mount provides. This allows photographers to have a flexible, stable setup where the lens mount is already attached to the camera body when the user is finished. The mirrorless feature also makes this camera very appealing to photographers who like to travel and do other outdoor activities.


The most popular accessories with the EOS series are the battery grips. These grips make taking photos easier because there is no need for extra batteries while the camera is in use. The battery grip holds the Canon camera firmly in position and prevents it from shifting, even when you are traveling. Another great accessory is the camera bag. The camera bag is designed to withstand a lot of wear so that it can easily carry the EOS digital single lens reflex (SLR) camera wherever it goes.

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