Photography Book You Can Find:

A photography book is the best device to learn art precisely. However, some artists are there to help the newbies out. Therefore, these newbies grab the chance and get their hands on some of the books. We are listing hereafter some of these excellent choices. 

Here’s The Best Comprehensive Photography Book You Can Find:
Here’s The Best Comprehensive Photography Book You Can Find:

Some Details About The Photography Book Of Some Famous Artist

The Art of Photography: An Approach to Personal Expression by Bruce Barnbaum

You’ll have to read it for yourself to get the full impact. Here are a few reasons why I recommend it:

Every element of photography is broken down into more details than you’ll find in other comprehensive books. Hence, every book that covers the main topics will have definitions and examples. One such topic is “leading lines.” We’ve all read about them, know what they are, how useful they can be, etc. Bruce explains why they grab attention. Furthermore, he also dives into other types of lines. So, what happens when you include jagged lines instead of smooth curves? What’s the impact on the image when you put a diagonal line instead of one parallel to the picture’s border?

Here’s The Best Comprehensive Photography Book You Can Find:
Here’s The Best Comprehensive Photography Book You Can Find:

Bruce Explains The Relationship Between Photographic Elements And The Emotions They Create. 

Ideally, we have some emotion toward something when we decide to snap the shutter. How do you preserve that emotion when editing?

Bruce covers more than just the rules. There’s usually a small description, and example, then the next topic. He gives the history of the rule of thirds, then explains why you don’t always want to follow it.

Moreover, there are random gems. He writes that there’s an overwhelming desire for new photographers to print (or edit) high contrast images. Then, he gives examples of when it doesn’t work. “I had the contrast addiction until I read his book”, he pointed out.

 If you want a primer that you can keep going back to, read this one.

How Can you learn Professional Photography without Books?

· First, you have to own a compact camera/phone camera (This will help you improve your vision actually) and work with it for at least six months. Try different angles and subjects.

· Understand the parameters of photos, that is what collectively creates a photo. This includes ISO, aperture, shutter speed, white balance, metering, focusing, framing, lighting, angles, lenses, etc.

· Read as much as possible.

· Slowly switch to Programmed Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority mode, and ultimately Manual Mode. Now you are a complete creator of your compositions.

· Now go for an SLR/DSLR. (Power in your hand!).

· Know and learn to use other accessories and equipment.

· In between all this process, have some small photo-trips, join/create photo-clubs, go on photo-walks, find your major interest, make some useful contacts, and so on.

· Last but not least, never stop loving your camera and photography. 

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