Camera Remote Bluetooth Selfie Shutter

HD Camera Remote Bluetooth Selfie Shutter For Vloggers And Adventurers

The HD camera is probably your best companion if you are a blogger or an adventurer. Capturing every moment of your experience is as important as experience those. It isn’t easy to be a vlogger with the perfect pictures and videos at all times. It is even greater of a challenge to access the camera any time, say, while riding, or surfing, or trekking, or climbing up a slope, or performing anything similar. But, now, not anymore. The HD camera remote Bluetooth selfie shutter had me pleasantly surprised, and I really cannot let go of the opportunity to share this product with all of you.

HD Camera Remote Bluetooth Selfie Shutter

HD Camera Remote Bluetooth Selfie Shutter
HD Camera Remote Bluetooth Selfie Shutter

If someone were rating for simplicity and being right on point, this HD camera remote Bluetooth selfie shutter will pass with flying colors. One of the most difficult things to do while riding or surfing or performing any activity is to take the right snap at the right time or to turn the video recording on or off. Now you will not have to take out your smartphone to perform this action every single time. This camera remote Bluetooth selfie shutter allows you to control the HD action camera remotely using this controller on your wrist. Let’s check out the details.


  • Material: ABS
  • Power source: Button battery (CR2032)
  • Compatibility: EKEN H8 / H9 / H3R / H8R / H9R Action Sports Camera
  • Operation distance: 30 meters

What I Liked About This (Pros):

  • The HD camera remote is easy to use and set up. There is practically no separate instruction required for anyone to understand how to operate this, though a user manual is included.
  • The Bluetooth remote can operate from up to a distance of 30 meters, and thus, you need not press the shutter manually. It allows you to take your own shots once you place the camera at a certain position and then click the picture remotely.
  • The remote can be strapped on to the wrist like a watch and this becomes really convenient when the user is riding a bike or skiing or surfing and needs to take a click during the motion.
  • The camera operates on a button battery, but the power consumption is fairly low so that you do not have to change the batteries every few days.
  • Clearly marked separate buttons for camera shutter and video recording prevents any confusion or mistake. The buttons are fairly large so that you will not be having too much trouble while pressing it.
  • Velcro strap makes it convenient for users having a variety of wrists and can have the camera tightened as needed.

What I Did Not Like (Cons):

  • The only issue with this HD camera remote is that it isn’t waterproof. A remote that is to be used with an action camera should have been completely waterproof. So, the onus of keeping it safe is on you.


If you are looking for the convenience of operating your action camera, there is no other product that will provide you more convenience. Get this today and enjoy clicking the perfect snaps and recording every moment.

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