How To Achieve Stunning Newborn Photos

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Taking images of newborn babies can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.  However, it may not be a simple task as you imagine. The babies are adorable and asleep most of the time, and you might think nothing would go wrong with such a shoot Well, that is far from reality. Babies are delicate and excellent newborn photography requires more photography skills. This piece elaborates further on some ways of enhancing your shooting of a newborn baby.

1. Training And Mentorship

If you are a parent, then you have had enough encounters of handling the delicate newborn. However, if you are just an inexperienced parent with great photography skills, then you will need some training to know how to handle newborns. The best place to acquire this experience is from family and friends. You may take this opportunity to capture as many images as you can for learning purposes. Do not worry if you take many imperfect photos. Your goal here is learning and not perfection. Learn to position the baby without hurting them.

You may also work closely with an experienced newborn photographer. As you learn from them, you may also take some photos and allow them to criticize your work so that you can make the necessary changes.

2. Plan The Newborn Shoot Out In Advance

How To Have Exceptional Newborn Photography As A Beginner
How To Have Exceptional Newborn Photography As A Beginner

Newborn Photography is time bound. You can only take the photos within two weeks after which your photos won’t be regarded as newborn images.

You need to consider the fact that the baby may come two weeks before the expected delivery date or a few days later. As such, plan the photo shoot maybe a month or two before the expected birth date. Discuss the theme colors, timing, location, and purchases that need to be done amongst other things. Provide the necessary professional insights before delivery.

3. Make Photography Enjoyable And Professional

You do not need a serious face to take newborn images. Relax, be creative and position the baby differently to see how the images will be like. Capture some images above the head, at 45 degrees, from the side, and any other angles that you can well think of.

The room you use should be quiet so that the baby is not distracted. You may opt for some soothing and soft music.  Ask the mother for some help as well, as you take the photos.

As you plan your shoot out time, allocate appropriate time bearing in mind that there may be the need for some breaks for baby feeding or change of diapers. With ample time, you will enjoy the shooting time.

4. Enhance The Shooting By Photographing Family With Newborn

The presence of the rest of the members of the family enhances newborn photography. Let older siblings, as well as the parents, pose with the baby. When it is a family affair, it is more enjoyable and fulfilling. It will form a great memory for the family.

Newborn Photography is fulfilling but it requires some parenting skills to pose the baby, creativity, and proper planning in advance. And when taken with other members of the family, the photos will be stunning and they will form a great family memory. With the above tips in mind, your newborn photography will never be the same again.

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