Get Exposure For Night Photography

Guide To Get Proper Exposure For Night Photography

Many people believe that photography playing with light. Thus, you will find many photographers packing their bags when the sun goes down. However, this is just a myth. You will find many exquisite shots being clicked in the shadow of the moon only. The need is only to follow certain effective tips. These tips can surely help you to get the desired exposure for night photography.

Tips To Get Wonderful Exposure For Night Photography

Here are some effective tips mentioned by experts which can help you in getting perfect shots for night photography.

Try To Work In Manual Mode

Guide To Get Proper Exposure For Night Photography
Guide To Get Proper Exposure For Night Photography

As per experts, when you are interested in night photography, you should always work in the manual mode. This implies that you manually set the aperture, ISO, and the shutter speed. Moreover, it also implies that you get to be in complete control over your camera. The automatic mode is not needed because the camera’s exposure settings may get confused with dark and bright areas. However, manual mode gives you complete access to this particular feature.

Try To Be Comfortable With Bulb Mode

The bulb mode is perfect when you want the right exposure for night photography. Bulb mode implies that the shutter of the camera will stay open as long as the shutter button is held down. Moreover, the bulb mode allows you to have exposure for many long minutes. However, if your shutter release does not possess a built-in timer, you need to keep another timer handy. Also, make sure that the shutter possesses a locking feature. This will make sure that you will not have to hold the button for too long.

Carry A Flashlight

Keeping a flashlight for night photography is immensely useful. This will make sure that everything on your tripod and camera is visible. Moreover, you can make use of the flashlight for lighting up areas for your photo as well. Moreover, in dark pitch areas, the flashlight will obviously come handy to show the way ahead.

Try To Shoot In Raw Mode

Guide To Get Proper Exposure For Night Photography
Guide To Get Proper Exposure For Night Photography

When you are shooting at night, make sure that you are doing so in the raw format. The reason is that raw files which come out of most camera models are 14-bit files. However, the JPEG files are 8-bit files. The more the bits are the smoother the transition between them would be. Moreover, at night, with raw mode, the camera would definitely be able to capture colors at the bright end of the scale.


Night photography if done properly can result in really good shots. However, the requirement is the same. You need to be really careful about certain settings. This would definitely help you in achieving high standards. Moreover, you can even consult a professional photographer who can give you more tips. This professional will also tell you about certain shortcuts to get good shots. So, follow these tips and make sure that you have all the requisites before you try the night photography. Happy clicking at night!

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