Gomma Grant 2019: What Do You Know


Gomma Grant 2019 is a grant competition for funding both popular and emerging photographers working on varied genres. This competition is popular for being a quality-focused and ethical content with a close eye on undetected and fresh talents.

Photographers recognized at this contest are considered to have excellent skills, and they move on to accomplish higher objectives, both artistically and professionally. Shortlisted photographers and winners of this competition are supported continuously and even published across the world because of Gomma’s extensive network. Since 2004, the inception year of the event, Gomma has continually worked towards building good networks.

Gomma Grant 2019: What Do You Know
Gomma Grant 2019: What Do You Know

Gomma Grant 2019 – Some History

The event has come a long way since its very inception in 2004. This was the year when the first Gomma Magazine came into the eyes of the public. Throughout these years, the event has been into promoting photographers actively. It works in close coordination with internationally renowned photographers like Sanders Petersen, Daido Moriyama, Roger Ballen, and also Michael Ackerman. Side by side, it dedicates energy and resources for supporting the not-so-popular photographers. The editorial team at Gomma discovers these photographers regularly.

The main objective behind setting up Gomma is finding a good place for the works of beginners into photographing and also the experienced ones. Profits were never in mind when conceiving the idea of Gomma. It was put in place to give photographers a new and fresh space where they could display their talents and also skills. It was to serve as an uncompromising, daring, and also an independent source where photographers could thrive. To date, Gomma remains the same.

More About Gomma Grant 2019

The event remains open to every individual who is an avid fan of photography. Photographers at this event have the flexibility of submitting their pictures in any medium like black & white, digital, or analog or color. Photographers are judged by their consistency, courage, and personality.

There are very few photo competitions that even dare to recognize the talent of unsigned and fresh photographers. But Gomma has done so, and in doing so, it has created a niche for itself. It works to serve as a platform wholly committed to the works of photographers, unconditioned by politics and trends. It is more of a publishing company allowing photographers to represent themselves and unknown artists to come to notice.

Gomma Grant 2019: What Do You Know
Gomma Grant 2019: What Do You Know

Objectives Of The Grant

The main objective of the Gomma Grant competition is supporting photographers. It also motivates them by providing resources for their work and shooting. These resources come in the form of money and also other accessories. Gomma regularly releases cash grants along with other assistive initiatives for sustaining the practices of photographers and their expenses and needs.

Gomma also works to highlight, promote, to expose, and to endorse photographers across the world. It has a selective approach, and this is what has helped Gomma in achieving an autonomous status in the industry for contemporary photography.

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