Focus Breathing: For The Perfect Picture

Focus Breathing: For The Perfect Picture

A common problem that occurs on many photographic lenses focuses on breathing. It is one of the characteristics of lenses that probably only photographers know about. But this is something that can affect the photo sessions or a video shoot. Focus breathing is, therefore, a pretty simple idea. The concept is as one moves the focuses to different lengths, the center of the frame changes too. In simple words, the edges frameshift or change through focus breathing. Hence, lenses that are for still imagery do not pay attention to focus on breathing characteristics. The reason is it does not affect the experience of the photographer to any extent. However, in some cases, it does spoil the picture badly.

Focus Breathing: For The Perfect Picture

How Does Focus Breathing Affect Shooting A Macro Shoot?

While shooting a macro, the photographer wants the product or thing to look much larger than it is in reality. Hence, while doing macro photography, it does affect the experience of the photographer. As the photographer shifts the lenses focus, the edges frameshift due to focus breathing. It may be like a flower when the macro frame is not visible clearly. And, the full picture does not come as expected. Moreover, This also affects the photographer. So, as he moves in different distances away from the subject, it dramatically changes the depths of the field. It makes a difference much more in macro shooting too.

Focus Breathing Also Affects During Video Shoot

When the photographer is shooting a video, as he pulls focus from a distant object or subject to a further object, the edges frameshift while shooting. The shifting of the frame will even be noticeable to the viewer and will spoil the video result. Hence, cinematography lenses do care about the breathing characteristics of the lenses. Specifically, the photographer wants the focus to be minimal or nonexistent. So, while video shooting, by shifting the focal length from minimum to infinity, the video will not be apparent at all. Moreover, it will affect the video shoot.

Why Lenses Breathe?

The lenses breathe when the focus is changed or zoomed in or out. Zooming in or out changes the composition of the frame and is worth taking into consideration. It is very subtle, especially when shooting with a wide aperture. Moreover, it will not cause any problems unless you are stacking with a long focal length from front to back. So, when you focus on a length, some elements in length, forward or backward, change the focusing plan. With this movement, it magnifies or widens the shot slightly. Furthermore, this is quite common with modern lenses. It extends the focal length. Also, it will not cause too many problems, but it’s worth knowing.

Focus Breathing: For The Perfect Picture


It is always better to have knowledge about focal lengths and focus on breathing. The Feature depends on the camera lenses. The better the focal length of the camera, the better is the quality of the picture. Furthermore, even if one shoots at the same distance but with two different lenses, the focus breathing changes. When zoomed to infinity, then optics lens moves into the focal length. You will thus not notice it until the final result comes. Hence, focus breathing does affect the final product.

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