Photos Made With The Ashes

Photos Made with the ashes have unique appearances. These kinds of art you will not be able to match with anything else. However, it requires tremendous hard work and extraordinary talent. In some pictures, the artist portrays the beautiful galaxy in front of you. The magical effect of the scenery will make you think as if it is real. Using the ashes as a medium of your art is truly a fantastic concept. This opens up an entirely new door to the upcoming artists. It is also another way of utilizing the waste and thus helping to keep the environment clean.

Extraordinary Photos Made With The Ashes Of Deceased Dogs
Extraordinary Photos Made With The Ashes Of Deceased Dogs

The Secret Behind Photos Made With Ashes

Generally, the ashes which the artists use to create such beautiful images are of deceased animals. Most of the time, the ashes are of discarded street dogs that die a miserable death, and nobody bothers about them. Some artists want to give a tribute to such unfortunate animals through their portraits. However, it is not always possible to get the ashes of these dogs. This is because many people bury the dead-bodies of these animals.

Moreover, going near the body is not enough. If somebody cremates the body, then only you will get the chance to collect the ashes. It is difficult to get near those cremation grounds to satisfy the needs. However, it is possible if an artist is desperate enough to seek permission from the higher authorities to enter the area.

Animal lovers don’t like the idea of abandoning a creature. So, some artists often write to the concerned authorities to make some shelters for these abandoned dogs. It is regrettable to watch these unfortunate dogs roam about without a proper place to live in.

Extraordinary Photos Made With The Ashes Of Deceased Dogs
Extraordinary Photos Made With The Ashes Of Deceased Dogs

The Story Of An Artist

One of the famous artists in this area, Johnstone, understood the miserable condition of the dogs after the demise of his father. She realized the pain of these abandoned dogs who leave no-one behind after their death. This touched his heart. Also, she wanted to make sure that these poor creatures get a home where they can be happy. However, some organizations arrange proper shelters to accommodate these stray dogs and give them a new family. Sometimes, the ashes of the dead dogs lie here and there and come under the foot of many. But, the artists who are animal-lovers cannot accept such disrespect of the dogs. Hence, they make all efforts to collect the ashes on time and use them in beautiful photos. However, it sometimes happens that the artist is unable to make a satisfying picture by using the ashes. Whenever this happened with Johnstone, she used to put the ashes into the grave of her favorite late dog Lula. She used to say that her pictures are for these beautiful creatures of nature.

Moreover, she felt that her work of art was the perfect idea to show gratitude and respect to the ignored dogs. She always said that no one on this planet has the right to ignore these beautiful animals or torture them. Like every other animal, these dogs also have full power to have a proper home and family and deserve all the love and care.

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